USA eliminated in the quarterfinals of the basketball World Cup

USA eliminated in the quarterfinals of the basketball World Cup
A big surprise occurred at the World Cup when the US basketball team lost to France 79-89, on 11/9.

Before the tournament in China, the United States won all international competitions in the past 13 years. But the squad with many good players in the American professional basketball league (NBA) suddenly lost a series of 58 wins at the World Cup and Olympic, when facing France, it was underestimated.

The one who engulfed the hopes of the United States was the highest-paid French player in the world, Rudy Gobert. Gobert played in the NBA and once signed with Utah Jazz a $ 102 million contract for four years. In the quarterfinals on 9/11, the 2m16 high of the striker in front of his Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell made the USA unable to equalize at the last minute.

Gobert scored 21 points and had 16 rebounds, 3 blocks, the best on the French side. “We went to the World Cup to win the gold medal,” the 27-year-old striker said. “Many people crossed our names when France had to fight America, but France won. If France cannot take gold HC, this victory is meaningless.”

France led 45-35 from the middle of the second half, but Mitchell’s brilliance helped the United States lead back seven points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. By the end of the match, France equalized and took the lead, after the United States repeatedly missed. Gobert’s two important blocks against Mitchell and Kemba Walker welcomed the spirit of the team that won the last two World Cups. In the end, America lost 79-89.

This is the first victory of France after 10 meetings with the US. In the semi-finals, the European team will face Argentina. The United States will meet Serbia in the fifth division from fifth to eighth.

The US went to the 2019 World Cup with a squad of all NBA players, but was considered the weakest in the past decade. No player has ever played at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Many people are not at their best, others refuse to recruit and state that they want to play in the NBA.