Thai women’s volleyball won the world number one convincingly

The combination of experience and youth helps the Thai women’s team to have a 3-0 victory over Serbia, the reigning world champion, at the Nations League volleyball tournament.
In the afternoon of June 11 in Japan, the fourth week of the Nations League volleyball tournament for women took place, opening the match between Thailand and Serbia. The number one team in the world does not bring the strongest team to the tournament but is still highly appreciated.

Thailand has played with veteran faces like Thinkaow Pleumjit, Sittirak Onuma, Tomkom Nootsara, and talented young faces Moksri Chatchu-On and Boonlert Tichakorn. After more than an hour of competition, the girls of the golden pagoda have won with the numbers 25-22, 25-23 and 25-21.

The victory of the Thai women’s team is achieved by low-level defensive specialties, along with tactical quick-hitting pieces, making it difficult for the opponent to judge the ball. The great public belongs to captain Nootsara, one of the world’s top two passages.

According to statistics, Chatchu-On is the most prominent competitor with 14 points, the most games. Youngsters from Serbia have a match that is worth forgetting when it comes to 27 mistakes, more than double that of rivals.

This is Thailand’s fourth win after 10 matches. With 13 points, they rose to 11th place on the rankings.

The table in Japan, in addition to the home team, also has the presence of Serbia, Brazil and Thailand. This is the table that is said to be difficult for the beaters of the golden temple. They will meet the other two teams on the following days.

Thai volleyball does not place much emphasis on achievement at this tournament. Their most important tournament this year is the Olympics qualifier. The Olympics playground has always been a Thai dream for many years, where it is highly likely that they will compete directly with Korea to reach Tokyo.

Nations League is a tournament for the world’s top 16 volleyball teams, divided into 4 tables, lasting 5 weeks. The teams will take turns competing against each other and choose the top 6 teams to play the final round.