Su Bingtian constantly won the gold medal at European tournaments

Su Bingtian, an athletic star at China’s short range is creating an outstanding fever when he dominates the 60-meter run at European tournaments.
On the morning of February 21 in Dusseldorf, Germany, China’s sprinter Su Bingtian has continued to impress in the season by breaking a 6.49-second achievement to pocket the victory at a distance of 60 meters.

Despite the 0.125-second reaction time of Su Bingtian, which is the fastest of the 8 finalists to attend, he could not rise at the top 40 meters.
However, athletes from China accelerated at the last 20 m to finish first with a time of 6.49 seconds, 0.06 seconds more than the record he set last year.

At 6.57 seconds, Bryce Robinson (USA) has surpassed the fellow countryman Michael Rodgers to No. 2 after the organizers used slow-motion photos to determine.

“My reaction time is very quite good today, probably the fastest achievement in recent years. It is a pity that I did not catch this opportunity to break the Asian record,” Su said after won the gold medal in Dusseldorf.

The Asian record in this content was set by Su Bingtian at the 2018 internal championship after he won the silver medal with a time of 6.42 seconds.
This is the third consecutive victory in the 60m content of the star athlete China in European tournaments within 8 days.

He opened the season with gold medals at Athlone, Ireland (February 13) with a time of 6.52 seconds. 3 days later, Su Bingtian had an impressive performance in Birmingham to establish the best performance of the year with a time of 6.47 seconds.

“I am pleased to have twice broken the 6.50-second mark this year. Hopefully I can maintain this form when attending the 100-meter distance and enjoy the non-injured outdoor season,” he said excitingly.