UFC Jon Bones Jones was charged with battery by incident

MMA fighter Jon “Bones” Jones has been charged with battery, according to a criminal summons filed in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court in New Mexico.

The alleged incident happened in April whilst a cocktail waitress at a strip membership said Jones slapped her in her genital vicinity and put her in a chokehold, in step with the summons.
The megastar fighter says he failed to recognise approximately the fees until Sunday while a neighborhood information station contacted him, in line with Jones’ consultant Denise White.
Court docket statistics display a criminal criticism changed into filed on might also 23 and Albuquerque police sent a letter to Jones, but it was back in June. A failure to appear arrest warrant become issued for Jones on June 12 and a coins bond became posted on Sunday and the warrant became lifted.
“We are assured that Jon may be cleared from any and all expenses and this will be visible for what is, a baseless claim,” White said.
‘l simply do not need to cope with this man or woman’ in keeping with the summons, the waitress informed an officer she turned into serving Jones and his brother on April 19.
She stated Jones was being continual approximately her giving him a desk dance, but she advised him cocktail waitresses weren’t capable of deliver dances.

The woman stated Jones in the end pulled her onto his lap and started kissing her neck, in keeping with the summons.
At this factor, the summons says the girl “did no longer understand if Jon Jones became committing a crime by using kissing on her neck and did no longer understand what to do.”
The summons says later that night the female stated Jones changed into looking forward to some liquids and placed her in a chokehold. The summons is going on to mention Jones commenced “roughhousing” with the lady and picked her up, conserving her in the air.
The summons said the lady “did no longer realize how to sense, however felt it turned into like a wrestling suit and not anything sexual. “The lady told the officer she did no longer like that she became held in the air for a long term.
The lady informed the officer Jones located her down by way of the bar and slapped her inside the genital location and persisted to the touch her till he left the strip club.
Within the summons, the officer wrote that the female became frantic in telling the story.
“l simply do not need to cope with this character,” she stated. “The entire situation is so complex and i’m no longer certainly certain what to say and this individual receives away with the entirety.”