Joshua vs Parker Great War: The climax of heavy boxing

Surely you will ask, why does a heavy-duty boxing match attract 75,000 live viewers? The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff City will certainly be filled. By simple, the upper floor gloves are Anthony Joshua, a true British. It was also because it had been so long since the British had witnessed an outstanding puncher like Anthony Joshua.

Previously, England once owned a Lennox Lewis, a heavy monster that defeated both Tyson and Holyfield. However, he did this in the United States, not in England like Anthony Joshua did this time.

In the past, heavyweight was the halo gathering place of the boxing village. The king with fighting style and overwhelming style Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier or Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield are very admired.

But then the arrival of the Klitschko brothers changed everything. Both have dominated for nearly 15 years with a defensive style of technical counterattack. Many people do not like this way of fighting.

Heavyweight boxing is currently emphasizing the power of Joshua and Wilder knockout machines, while Parker is bringing in omnipotence. The duel between Joshua and Parker will start a long-awaited battle.

So which one of those two fists will win? Let’s see the advantages, strengths and weaknesses of each person to make a comment.

For Joshua, power is the most terrible weapon of British punches. So far, he has knocked out all 20 opponents who have fought, the most horned including the former King Wladimir Klitschko or the owner of the WBC Silver Dillian Whyte. With the support of the home audience, Joshua will surely be much more confident.

As for Parker, this is a boxer with great resistance and counterattack. The New Zealand puncher has won all 6 times to go 12 rounds, the highlight is the match with Hughie, Tyson Fury’s younger brother.

Those are the factors that people expect in a game really interesting and dramatic. The competition between Anthony Joshua and Joshep Parker is expected to take place at 0h on 1/4 of Vietnam time.