Youth’s Fixed Gear bicycle trend

What is Fixed Gear?

Fixed Gear or Fixie bicycles, which are used to refer to bicycles without brakes, are later captured on the rear wheels, making the car without braking still able to slow down.

The design of the bike is simple and without the brakes (brakes) of the vehicle, the driver of this bike does not need to use brakes to slow down, but uses his own foot and pedal.

The front gears are captured dead with a pedal, the rear gears are captured dead with wheels, two gears are linked together by chains. So when the pedal rotates forward, the wheel rotates forward; backward pedal, backward wheel; The pedal is stationary, the wheel also stands still. Fixed Gear players must learn to brake with their feet, drive the car instinctively, step forward, step back or stop.

Fixed Gear abroad
In Western countries, Fixed Gear bicycles are no longer a new trend for people. In addition to use in races, these cars are used for mail delivery, express delivery …

The young Fixed Gear movement of the world is like other street movements, developing spontaneously and quickly becoming a trend.

However, not every country in the world considers Fixed Gear a valid vehicle. In some countries, a bicycle is valid whether it is a Fixed Gear or a regular bicycle, and make sure the brakes are present on the vehicle. Even some countries such as France also require bicycles to have full bells and lights.

Of course, overseas laws are also relatively relative and often ignore Fixed Gear, since Fixed Gear is just bicycles, so it is quite common to not be touched by the police.

What’s good about Fixed Gear walking?

Referring to this Fixed Gear bike, people often refer to the concept of “Fun to Ride”.

If driving ordinary bicycles, people just pedal, then use the brakes whenever they need to stop, then Fixed Gear is different. The user must calculate ahead of the obstacle ahead, then gradually reduce the foot pedal rhythm so that it is reasonable. It is also possible to use gear braking techniques like those of Fixed Gear riders who often do, of course, to practice maturity.

Owning and mastering a Fixed Gear, the driver will be able to freely create, freely control, freely ride the way I like. Cycling forward, backward, fast, slow, all are personal, like what to do. If you are pedaling fast but want to brake, the driver has to put all his strength and weight on the pedal so that the pedal stops turning and the rear wheel stops spinning. In doing so, the rear wheel will drag on the ground with a long trail, this is called a bike-type drift.

Driving Fixed Gear is difficult, but lovers only need to practice a few days, to get used to and own their car. The most important is the deceleration skill, distance estimation, mastering the front wheel, rear wheel, stabilizing when standing still. After training, the driver can fully enjoy the creativity on his Fixed Gear. Some people like to drive a high-tech type of adventure, some like speed driving, and others like slow-moving …

The Fixed Gear driver needs more power than a regular bike driver, the power to brake the car with your own body without any support gear. However, it does not mean that only those who are “corn meat” can play Fixed Gear. Personality girls can also own fixie and freedom to create feminine or powerful driving styles like men.