The United States team won the Presidents Cup 2019

Leaded 8-10 through the first three days, but the US team still won against the international team 16-14 to win the Presidents Cup team golf tournament.
Two years ago, on the Liberty National Stadium (USA), the 12 single-match matches on the day of the Presidents Cup final was only procedural. At that time, the home team led the visitors with an 11-point gap. But this year, at the Royal Melbourne Stadium (Australia), the international team as the host entered the series of duels in the “projection” position with 2 points ahead.

To win the Cup, each party needs to score a minimum of 15.5. With the score 10-8 over the first 3 days, International team holds a great advantage. They can even lose four games and still have the ability to win the final, and beat the obsession of losing in the last seven Presidents Cup.

In contrast, at a disadvantage, the US team must win as much as possible. From the beginning of the tournament, captain Tiger Woods always “pioneered the seal” to complete the task early, since then, investigating the situation of the home team. He was unbeaten for the first two days, sidelined on the third day to focus more on the captain role. On the last day, “Super Tiger” comes out, meets Abraham Ancer – Mexican golfer. Being a rookie at the Presidents Cup and not having many titles at the PGA Tour or the European Tour, Ancer brought home two wins and one draw for the home team.

The fact that Ancer is a tough opponent when keeping the game in a balanced position through the first 8 holes. However, Woods is too strong, record birdies consecutively in holes 9 and 10 to take a 2up lead. Ancer shortened the gap to 1up in hole 13, bogey hole 14 and finally lost to two birdies of Woods in holes 15 and 16. In the closing hole to bring the first point of the day for the home team, Woods gave the ball. into the crater from a distance of 6 m. After the match, the captain of the US said: “When the ball rolled to the crater about 1.8 m, I know this game is over.”

After one point of Woods, the US team has five more wins, one draw and one loss.

When Justin Thomas fought Cameron Smith in the penultimate pit, the US team only needed 0.5 points to win the Cup. However, at that time, Thomas was still 1up while teammate Fowler was similar at hole 15 when facing Marc Leishman, and Matt Kuchar drew Louis Oothuizen before entering hole 16.

When Thomas lost to Smith, the international team still had to win the remaining two matches, but the USA needed only Kuchar to draw.

Penultimate hole, Kuchar won 1up by birdie points. At this point, the battle between the two sides seems to be over with the victory for the US team at a minimum score of 15.5. But Fowler doesn’t want to stop when the home team wins. Golfer received a ticket to attend the Presidents Cup to get an extra 0.5 point to strengthen the position of the US team with a draw with Leishman.

Wide road changes history by leading a comprehensive lead after the first three days, but the international team can not repeat the only victory since 1998. The fault is not at Els because he did everything possible. Els has broken the upper hand of the US in the history of the Presidents Cup by leading 18 points in 30 matches.

Woods brought himself a great gift before turning 44 on December 30. by winning the championship for the first time taking the role of captain of the United States at the Presidents Cup.

Over the 13 Presidents Cup, the US team continued to assert its dominance when it won 11 times. The international team won just one, in 1998, at the Royal Melboune. The two teams once reconciled when the tournament took place in South Africa in 2003.