Wilder defeats Fury after 12 innings

Three referees for Wilder were 115-111, 110-114 and 113-113 respectively, helping American boxers retain the world WBC belt.
Deontay Wilder only did exactly half of what he said during the pre-match press conference, that was to knock Tyson Fury down. Wilder did this even twice, in the 9th and 12th quarters, but that was not enough for the American boxer to win.

Far removed from British authority for more than two years but Fury proved he was not flooded. After two easy victories against Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta, who held three championships IBF, WBA, and WBO continue to show his dreadful blow to Wilder. Fury took the initiative for most of the game, and if it hadn’t been for the floor twice, perhaps the English puncher would have won the competition.

The result of a draw between Wilder and Fury is in the predictions of the bosses. The bonus for Wilder was agreed to be four million dollars, and Fury was three million. It is strange because the champions of the championship belt often receive large deviations, especially for the world WBC belt holders like Wilder. Besides, Fury has just returned to training and playing for half a year. The real ability of a British boxer is questioned, because his opponent is the winner of his career, with 39 out of 40 matches being knocked out.

But what happened at Staples Center, Los Angeles proved, Fury deserves this bonus. He proactively kept his distance from Wilder, maintained the match speed at a moderate level, and was very confident of avoiding the attack every time he was cornered. Statistics after the match show that Fury is a puncher but his rate of heavy blows is up to 37%, more than double that of Wilder (17%).

In addition to proactively stepping back to the corner, Fury constantly teased Wilder, especially during the last three rounds. 30-year-old boxer wants to lure the opponent to attack first, then take advantage of 2m06 long arm span to hit horizontal hooks. This strategy of Fury was successful in the first eight rounds. Except for the second half, when Wilder had a straight punch to hit the target, Telegraph and Guardian boxing experts simultaneously won Fury in the remaining seven innings.
The seventh half could be considered the top performance of Fury. The boxer nicknamed “King Digan” correctly calculated, that Wilder was only scary in the first six innings. 34 of Wilder’s 39 knock-out events took place during this time. Therefore, entering the 7th round, Fury attacked more. Instead of just dodging and launching straight pokes like the previous rounds, Fury hooked more and twice and Wilder darkened his face. Before that, in the third round, Fury also made the Wilder eyelid swell when two straight punches hit the target.

But Wilder is not only anonymous. If Fury is good at temperament and cold, Wilder is wild and careless. After slipping several times during the first half, the world WBC belt keeper accelerated in the sixth half with the intention of finishing Fury, but failed. Going to the seventh round, Wilder proved to be stubborn and continued to be at a disadvantage during the 8th half. However, the boxer with the nickname of “Dong Bom” was not discouraged. He still rushed to the opponent, with the intention of knocking out the knock-down to turn the flag.