Sava X3 racing bike – Gentleman’s temperament

Strongly enduring with high-end design of German engineers, towards a true sporty spirit with Shimano Ultegar full groupset included, Sava X3 is the ideal choice if you want to reward yourself a bicycle.
SAVA X3 – Ideal for full carbon racing bikes

People who are interested in bicycle racing know that racing always needs a lightweight design that can travel at high speeds and does not take too much effort. That’s why over the years, carbon fiber has surpassed aluminum to become the best material for this car. According to specific studies, carbon is only half the weight, but possesses 20 times the durability of traditional aluminum alloys.
Widely accepted in European countries such as England, Germany, Italy … and Asian countries, especially Vietnam, China, Thailand, Philippines – the success of the German bicycle brand SAVA is also attached. associated with the development of modern technology of carbon fiber. In other words, it is a story related to vision and development strategy.

At a time when steel and aluminum frames were still in the market, SAVA soon realized the potential of carbon materials, as well as understanding one basic principle: the material of the frame is always weak. The most important factor for players to choose a bike. Therefore, this bike company has focused all resources to invest in modern carbon bicycle production lines, and signed a long-term contract with Toray, one of the four famous carbon fiber suppliers. Japanese.

Although the Americans invented carbon fiber, Japan was the first country to produce this special material. And since 2014, based on the carbon fiber provided by Toray, SAVA’s products have quickly joined together to dominate the high-end bicycle market in the world.

Again, the brand and the quality of carbon fiber are completely independent of the concept of carbon fiber 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K or UD carbon … which some consumers mistakenly believe is the brand. Individual brand of different types of carbon fiber. In fact, this concept is only associated with the shape and size of carbon fiber; For example, 1K Carbon Fiber is 1mm width, UD UD Carbon is one-dimensional film carbon fiber – and cannot replace the origin, manufacturer or prestige thickness of the product. .

While most bike manufacturers today do not announce the type of carbon fiber to make their frames, Sava is confident of doing so. Instead of following the development of its own carbon fiber technology, the brand needs the assurance of the quality and reputation of a bright unit like Toray. And that is why most of Sava’s full carbon bikes are confident of a 5-year warranty.