Brazil beats Argentina into the Copa America final

Brazil with its counter-defensive defensive play style defeated Argentina 2-0 to enroll in the first Copa America final after 12 years of waiting.
The South American super classic match was intense from the first minute. Argentina proactively made solid ball shots in the midfield to prevent technical strikers from the Brazilian host side.

This play cannot compensate for the looseness of Albicelestes’ defense. 20 minutes, Dani Alves has a tricky phase for Firmino to escape down the right wing. The Liverpool forward striker stretched for Gabriel Jesus to finish the near-goal and put Brazil ahead.

After opening the score, Brazil actively gave way to the opponent. Argentina held many balls but could not coordinate and could only rely on fixed situations. 30 minutes, Aguero headed high after Messi’s pass but the ball went back to the bar with regret.

The remaining minutes the two teams played quite balanced. The main ball rolled in the middle of the field and no noticeable situations were created. Brazil entered the break with a 1-goal advantage.

Argentina was forced to push up the attacking squad in the second half. The majority of Brazilian players successfully completed the task of isolating the striker Aguero, Lautaro Martinez with the midfield. Fixed situations become the lifeline for Messi and his teammates.

58 minutes, Messi had a chance to equalize but his shot sent the ball to hit the column in the regret of the fans. Brazil plays proactive defense and needs only a counter-attack to finish off the opponent.

In the 70th minute, Gabriel Jesus went straight to the middle to pass 3 Argentine players before stretching for Firmino to neatly double the gap for Brazil.

In the last 20 minutes of the match, Messi and his teammates expressed embarrassment. Argentina tried to make the ball hanging from two margins but was ineffective.

The match ended with a convincing victory for the host. Messi will have to wait another year to hope for the first major title when the Copa America 2020 will be held in Argentina.