3 safe and effective bodybuilding exercises for a strong shoulder

Wide and strong shoulders are one of the common goals of boys when exercising. But not all fitness exercises ensure two factors: efficiency and safety. The following article, we introduce readers to 3 shoulder exercises that are evaluated by many experts with high safety.

People often say, “Eat whatever you want, weak, whatever you do,” people with small shoulders often focus on bodybuilding exercises to help them become more toned and toned, but they don’t have to rush to work. is effective and not all exercises are highly safe, if the wrong file or injury is inevitable.

It’s not just getting as heavy as you want it to be, it’s the fitness director of Men’s Health magazine – Ebenezer Samuel, in bodybuilding exercises for his shoulders. “Heavy training will naturally strengthen muscles, which is inefficient. But you also need to remember, rebuilding your shoulders is a long series of exercises, and if you’re a safe person, it’s easier to stimulate muscles from light weights, if you know how. ”

Instead of using all his strength to lift a barbell with heavy weights and then suffer a high risk of injury, Samuel regularly changes the weights from light to heavy and focuses on safer exercises. Because of a history of shoulder rotator cuff injury, he is very careful about the movement mechanisms of bodybuilding exercises.

Here are 3 shoulder muscle exercises that Samuel rated as “light, safe, and highly effective”, which he drew from his training. To perform these three bodybuilding exercises, you need a bell, a pair of dumbbells and an adjustable adjustable training chair. Remember, no matter how hard or heavy, remember to always practice “right”.

  1. Lift the bell with one hand
    Practice in 3 sets of 8 to 10 rounds each with each hand:
  • Kneel or stand straight with your shoulders shoulder-width apart, squeeze your abs and keep your back straight when the bell is held on the ground by the end of the person.
  • Still holding the back straight, tighten the chest muscles and abdominal muscles when swinging the bell so horizontal hold. Slowly put your hand up and hold for 3-5 seconds.
  • Keep the weight as balanced as possible and slowly lower it while keeping your back and chest muscles tight and tummy tight.

Samuel shares standing or kneeling, but he will often kneel to help balance the body effectively, and this movement requires you to use all the strength of your arms and shoulders to keep lifting and balancing the weight.

2. Kneel in halos style
Practice in 4 sets, each round from 14 to 16 times:

  • Kneel on one knee, hold the bell on the handle and point the weight up with both hands, keeping the weight at chest height
  • Keep your back straight and use your hands to swing the weight around your head
  • Try to rotate continuously so that enough 14-16 times
  • Rotate counterclockwise in a clockwise direction for each round

In this exercise, besides keeping your back straight and rotating your hands, you must pay attention to your breathing. Inhale back into your abdomen and exhale slowly.

3. Lift the barbell on the uphill chair
Practice in 3 rounds, each round 12 times:

  • Sit back in the training chair with your back sloping, leaning one chest on the seat
  • Hold your back with one hand and hold your arm
  • Slowly move the weight to the side and keep the arms and elbows straight when lifting the weight to the top
  • Pause about 2 seconds when the peak is reached, then slowly lower the weight gradually

Try to keep the weight parallel to the ground at all times, especially at the top. By doing so, the rotation of the part will play smoothly, which helps to protect your shoulder joint from injury.