Essential items while jogging

In addition to sweat-absorbing clothes, watches help assess the effectiveness, a good pair of shoes is an important object to limit injury during exercise.

Running shoes

Shoes are the runner’s most important accessory. A good pair of shoes is designed to protect the foot from the impact of hard pavement and body weight on the lower limbs. It helps you run faster, cling to the road and more technical standards, limiting sliding problems, falls, contributing to reducing running injuries.

When choosing running shoes, the first requirement is that the shoes must fit, fit snugly, the sole is good jet and suitable for your running purpose. To choose the right size of running shoes, you should accurately measure the foot length, in comparison with the size conversion chart of the brand to buy.

Clothes, socks

In addition to shoes, running clothes and socks should be carefully selected.

Cotton fabric is the material that should be removed at the beginning even when choosing clothes or socks, because it is not sweat-absorbing, easily wet. You should choose specialized clothing for jogging. Specialized sportswear also helps keep the body warm in the winter, preventing skin cracking. For socks, you should also choose good hygroscopic and can wear 2 layers of socks to minimize friction between the skin and shoes.

For female athletes, bras are an indispensable outfit for running, helping support high impact activities. You can check the fit of the shirt by jumping up and down on the spot. Should change after 72 times washing or when weight changes.


The watch helps you to control the time of exercise. Some modern watches also have a function of measuring distance, heart rate, calculating the number of kilometers to run to evaluate the effectiveness of your workout. Many types have additional GPS satellite positioning functions, which help you determine the most convenient location, route, and distance.

Water bottle

This is an item to bring when you exercise, run long distances or when the water station is quite far apart to ensure the body does not suffer from excessive thirst. You should drink from 100-150ml of water after 20 minutes of jogging. Instead of holding a water bottle in your hand, you can use a watering backpack (water vest) to comfortably run and carry more water.

In addition, if you run in the sun, you can wear more hats and eyeglasses to protect the body. In case you need to bring your phone for contact and other items, you can wear an extra backpack, hip bag for jogging or phone pocket with headphone jack.