Diving to the bottom of the sea

When I sat on the boat swaying in the middle of the sea, I started to wonder if my decision was wrong.
First of all, differentiate between Snorkeling and Diving.
While Diving is a sport only for those who know how to swim well and when diving into the deep sea, it is necessary to bring oxygen tanks, while Snorkeling is for everyone who knows whether to swim or not, just bring a shirt Buoy, snorkel is able to face the sea and watch the ocean with countless interesting things.
I am a person who is afraid of water and has never learned how to swim successfully, meaning that I have tried to participate in many different swimming classes but still have not overcome my fear to know how to swim underwater.
During the annual summer vacation with close friends, we traveled thousands of kilometers together by various means such as airplanes, cars, speed boats, small boats, to small islands. Koh Lipe – a pristine island located in southern Thailand close to Langkawi – Malaysia.
It is famous for its crystal clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and extremely unique snorkeling sports. A completely alien sport for me. The group of 5 best friends bought a snorkeling tour that I swear I didn’t know how to write snorkeling, but still bought a tour with the whole society.
Tour price is about 600 Thai baths, the tour boat picks us up at the hotel at 13.30 and takes to 3 unspoiled small islands to join snorkeling. Then stop at Koh Lipe’s best beach to watch the sunset. The tour price includes snacks and tour guides.
When I sat on the boat swaying in the middle of the sea, I started to wonder if my decision was wrong.
At the first stop, the whole team started wearing life jackets and snorkeling, then excitedly jumped into the sea, started the journey to explore the ocean (they all know how to swim, whether they are good swimmers or just toddlers).
I myself, a girl who could not swim and was afraid of water, did not dare to leave the boat, but after being encouraged and helped by the tour guide and train driver, I also “launched” and started the journey of discovery. me
Of course, at first I was quite scared to cling to the guide, but he was very dedicated to helping me overcome my fears and breathing regularly, watching the colorful coral reefs, each small fish. swimming.
Do you believe that only once that I was so excited, the rest stops, not waiting for the instructor to urge, I prepared the luggage (life jacket, snorkel) to watch positive with higher altitude than at first.
We were unable to take photos of the ocean with a personal camera, but the tour guide brought along a dedicated underwater camera and helped capture the incredible moments. When I look at my own photos, I cannot imagine that I will overcome my fear one day, win over myself to do things that I have never done before and have no intention of doing it.
Note for those you want to experience snorkeling is to wear dedicated clothes (instead of normal swimwear). It is a long-sleeved diving suit that prevents scratches during diving.