The first female racer wins the 4,000km bicycle race across Europe

Dubbed the “rock star” of last year’s race winner James Hayden, Kolbinger left the rest of the field when she reached the finish point in Brest, northern France, at the end of Sunday. .

In a field of 264 bicyclists, most of them male, Kolbinger emerged from the stage on Sunday with a lead of nearly six hours compared to the nearest challenger, Ben Davies from England.

“For years, we have been waiting, knowing that is possible,” Hayden tweeted.
The race, which began in Bulgaria on July 27, stretches across Serbia, Austria, Italy and France, with Kolbinger expected to complete the route by the end of Monday or early Tuesday.
Fiona Kolbinger surpassed more than 200 male colleagues, most on the Transcontinental Race road bike race on August 6.

“It is unbelievable that I have won this difficult race,” Kolbinger said after finishing the goal with 10 days, 2 hours and 48 minutes. “When I entered the race, I was just trying to be in the top of the female riders, but I never thought I would overcome the men here.”

The German race won 265 opponents, including 245 male riders, in a 4,000-kilometer road race, across five European countries. The delegation originated from Burgas, Bulgaria and ended in Northwestern France. As a rule, riders can choose their own route but must go through four mandatory checkpoints. They are not allowed to ask for directions, do not have technical support and have to take care of their own food and water.

There are some hilly and mountainous areas with rugged terrain that require the crabs to pass through and have the supervision of the organizers. “I went through a great challenge. Now I can practice less sleep habits every day,” Kolbinger added. The 24-year-old champion is expected to attend many road bike races in the future.

The European Intercontinental Racing Competition was launched in 2013 with the first leg from London to Istanbul. The past six champions were all male, in which Kristof Allegaert was the third most successful, while James Hayden had two wins. Besides the title for the champion of the race, the organizers also awarded prizes to excellent female riders.

Youth’s Fixed Gear bicycle trend

What is Fixed Gear?

Fixed Gear or Fixie bicycles, which are used to refer to bicycles without brakes, are later captured on the rear wheels, making the car without braking still able to slow down.

The design of the bike is simple and without the brakes (brakes) of the vehicle, the driver of this bike does not need to use brakes to slow down, but uses his own foot and pedal.

The front gears are captured dead with a pedal, the rear gears are captured dead with wheels, two gears are linked together by chains. So when the pedal rotates forward, the wheel rotates forward; backward pedal, backward wheel; The pedal is stationary, the wheel also stands still. Fixed Gear players must learn to brake with their feet, drive the car instinctively, step forward, step back or stop.

Fixed Gear abroad
In Western countries, Fixed Gear bicycles are no longer a new trend for people. In addition to use in races, these cars are used for mail delivery, express delivery …

The young Fixed Gear movement of the world is like other street movements, developing spontaneously and quickly becoming a trend.

However, not every country in the world considers Fixed Gear a valid vehicle. In some countries, a bicycle is valid whether it is a Fixed Gear or a regular bicycle, and make sure the brakes are present on the vehicle. Even some countries such as France also require bicycles to have full bells and lights.

Of course, overseas laws are also relatively relative and often ignore Fixed Gear, since Fixed Gear is just bicycles, so it is quite common to not be touched by the police.

What’s good about Fixed Gear walking?

Referring to this Fixed Gear bike, people often refer to the concept of “Fun to Ride”.

If driving ordinary bicycles, people just pedal, then use the brakes whenever they need to stop, then Fixed Gear is different. The user must calculate ahead of the obstacle ahead, then gradually reduce the foot pedal rhythm so that it is reasonable. It is also possible to use gear braking techniques like those of Fixed Gear riders who often do, of course, to practice maturity.

Owning and mastering a Fixed Gear, the driver will be able to freely create, freely control, freely ride the way I like. Cycling forward, backward, fast, slow, all are personal, like what to do. If you are pedaling fast but want to brake, the driver has to put all his strength and weight on the pedal so that the pedal stops turning and the rear wheel stops spinning. In doing so, the rear wheel will drag on the ground with a long trail, this is called a bike-type drift.

Driving Fixed Gear is difficult, but lovers only need to practice a few days, to get used to and own their car. The most important is the deceleration skill, distance estimation, mastering the front wheel, rear wheel, stabilizing when standing still. After training, the driver can fully enjoy the creativity on his Fixed Gear. Some people like to drive a high-tech type of adventure, some like speed driving, and others like slow-moving …

The Fixed Gear driver needs more power than a regular bike driver, the power to brake the car with your own body without any support gear. However, it does not mean that only those who are “corn meat” can play Fixed Gear. Personality girls can also own fixie and freedom to create feminine or powerful driving styles like men.

Tour de France – The history of the most famous cycling in the world

Tour de France (French) – also known as Grande Boucle or simply Le Tour, translates as Round the France.

The idea of ​​Tour de France began in the 1900s. At that time, there was a main sports newspaper in France – L’Auto Velo. The fact that L’Auto Velo published an article of support for French soldier Albert Dreyfus accused of selling military secrets to Germany – angered L’Auto Velo’s sponsor and decided to set up a newspaper sports as competitors – Le Velo.  After the Dreyfus affair, in France divided into two camps – those who believed that Dreyfus was guilty and those who thought he was innocent. The sponsor took the first side, and forced L’Auto Velo to change its name to L’Auto.

The competition between the newspapers became fierce and L’Auto quickly lost his place to the opponent. To survive, the newspaper needs to do something stronger.

This idea formed in 1902 by Georges Lefèvre – a journalist of L’Auto. He wants to have a tough, long, scale bike ride and better than any race before. The Tour de France, which took place for the first time on July 1, 1903, started at Montgeron on the outskirts of Paris with 60 riders participating in the competition, the six-stage race totaling 2,428 kilometers from Paris like Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nantes and return to Paris. There are many holidays between stages. This race has enthralled audiences since 1903 until now, except during the first World War (from 1915 to 1918) and the second world war (from 1940 to 1946) is not progressive. organized organization. The race has been successful and is held every year for 3 weeks in July with the track across France and neighboring countries.


Tour de France is often seen as the most difficult bicycle race in the world and with this race there are a total of 21 tracks, a long route of about 3,360 km over a period of 3 weeks, including routes up and down mountain roads. Not only that, the stamina of the racers is also challenged by the time of the race this year under the hot and hot sun of summer.

American Lance Armstrong has become the legendary figure of the world bike race with 7 times of race racing from 1999 to 2005, so unlike the previous years, this year’s bicycle race is difficult to predict who will win the title. Tour de France champion because there is no truly outstanding person.

Bicycle racing is always a challenging and fierce sport with hundreds of kilometers of races, climbing and dropping ramps, with dangerous accidents and injuries or even death But the world’s largest bicycle tour Tour de France will still be the most attractive annual bicycle race not only for locals, tourists and speed enthusiasts.