Fernandes wants to learn the spirit of Ronaldo

Midfielder Bruno Fernandes aims to improve each season, like his fellow Portuguese man Cristiano Ronaldo.

“You have to improve and understand that you are not the worst, not the best at everything,” said Fernandes on the Man Utd website. “You can start it all the time. Becoming worst is impossible because you want to improve all the time and similarly, you can’t be the best without moving forward.”

Fernandes joined Man Utd in January 2020 and immediately became a mainstay at Old Trafford. The 26-year-old midfielder has scored 26 goals, assisting 17 times after 45 games of the “Red Devils” in 2020. The importance of Fernandes makes him compared to Ronaldo – a countryman who has stormed at Man Utd and won nine titles with the club.

“How do they do it? Everyone says they can’t be better, but they do it year by year. They have been competing for Fruit. Golden Ball for 11 years and that will never happen again in football history, because they are still improving. I am lucky to play against Ronaldo in the national team, “Fernandes said. He always wants to practice. When he fails, Ronaldo knows he has to be better. When he wins, he analyzes specifically what he has done and improves on them. “

After a struggling period at the beginning of the season, the Old Trafford team rose to second place in the Premier League, three points behind Liverpool, but less than a match. Fernandes expects mentally challenged teammates like Ronaldo to compete for titles.

“It is important that we understand it from the inside, know where we are, what we need to improve and what to do about it. For me, the most important thing is that you must not think you are inferior when you lose, “said Fernandes.I think that’s what life is like. You make mistakes throughout your life. So is football. If there is no mistake, then nothing. Of course, if someone takes the ball from 38 meters and scores in the second second then no one will be at fault, but maybe someone needs to accompany him and the coach might think the midfield or defender of he made a mistake with him “.

What happens to your body when you ride a bike every day?

Today, there are countless ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and one of the easiest and most accessible is by cycling.

Cycling can help reduce the risk of many diseases, from cancer, diabetes to arthritis and even depression. It helps to tone muscles, improve cardiovascular health, increase blood circulation and more.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Some studies have shown that cycling every day can help prevent the onset of cancer. People with moderate to high levels of physical activity, such as cycling and running, have a lower risk of developing cancer.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Diabetes increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and increases blood sugar levels. Cycling every day helps reduce your risk of diabetes and it’s one of the best ways to control blood sugar, according to Boldsky. Research shows that cycling more than 30 minutes a day, will reduce the risk of diabetes by nearly 40%.

Increases heart health

Cycling makes the heart beat faster, which in turn enhances the heart’s health. Blood pumps faster helping to improve heart function. People who cycle every day are less likely to develop cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure.

Improves joint mobility

This is one of the best exercises to prevent the onset of arthritis as the joints in the legs are relieved. Cycling can also improve body strength and balance, according to Boldsky.

Increase bowel movements

Cycling is a type of aerobic exercise that accelerates breathing and heart rate, stimulating the contraction of the intestinal muscles. This will prevent bloating and help improve bowel movements.

Muscle toning

Regular cycling helps strengthen leg muscles and tone all muscles. Arm muscles are toned by the force to balance and support the body while cycling. Cycling is especially good for building muscles in children.

Support weight loss

Cycling is an effective way to remove unwanted fat from the body. Helps exercise thighs and buttocks and also speeds up metabolism, thereby reducing belly fat, according to Boldsky. Just 1 hour of fast cycling can burn a significant amount of calories and speed up the weight loss process.

Djokovic and Nadal face each other at Roland Garros

Nadal has a chance to balance Federer’s record 20 Grand Slam titles, while Djokovic aims to win at least 2 championships in each major tournament.

On the evening of October 11 (Hanoi time), when Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal go to Philippe Chatrier Stadium, they will play one of the most important matches in their confrontations.

The two top ATP players have clashed to win major titles in tennis since their first meeting at Roland Garros 2006. However, the eighth meeting on the Paris red pitch, and The 56th match between two players was even more important. Both are chasing Grand Slam history. History awaits Djokovic and Nadal
Djokovic is aiming to be the first male tennis player in the Open Era to have at least two Grand Slam titles. A victory also earned him the 18th time in the throne in major tournaments, closing the gap in the number of Grand Slam titles with Rafael Nadal (19) and Roger Federer (20).
For the first time, Nadal is only one win away from Federer’s record for a Grand Slam title. The 19-time grand title winner will aim to add the 13th Roland Garros to his collection, and become the first to win 100 matches at the Paris Red Stadium.

In the first encounters between the two players, Nadal clearly dominated. The Spaniard competed on the muscle with left hand strokes and used more seasoned experience to win 14 out of 18 encounters.

However, Djokovic turned upside down to repeat this record. The Serbian tennis player has won 14 of the last 18 games against Nadal. He improved his serve, pushed Nadal behind the back line and was constantly on the defensive. The world’s number one player also uses his backhand effectively to counter Nadal’s attack, when the ball is sideways and bounces at steady heights.
The competition is worth the wait
On his way to the quarterfinals, Djokovic won 4 victories without losing a set, and only took 7 hours 33 minutes on the field. However, in the following 2 games, he needed a total of 7 hours 4 minutes to reach the 5th Roland Garros final in his career (won 1, lost 3).

Despite struggling with neck and shoulder problems during the quarter-final against Carreno Busta, Djokovic expressed confidence in recovering in time for the final against Nadal.

Djokovic dau Nadal brother 4
Statistics of Nadal (blue) and Djokovic (red) in 6 matches at Roland Garros. Graphics: Minh Phuc.
Nadal’s path to the final has become simpler. For the 6th time, the Spanish player did not lose any set in the journey to the final. The showdown with Diego Schwartzman in the semifinals shows that Nadal’s play has adapted to harsh conditions, in order to defeat his opponent who won him at the Rome Masters.

Djokovic, one of two players to win Nadal at Roland Garros, will be inspired to beat his opponent in the quarter-finals of 2015 to his advantage. The Serbian player is in top form, winning 37 out of 38 appearances this season.

The Serbian is trying to complete the second Grand Slam collection of his career and consolidate the top spot on the ATP rankings to chase Federer’s record of 310 weeks at number one in the world.

Is daily weight loss jogging really effective?

Have you ever wondered whether daily jogging is really effective for weight loss? Please do not underestimate this sport because when you follow a proper method you will clearly see unexpected changes in the body.

When it comes to weight loss methods, men are less likely to notice walking. Walking daily is not only good for your health, but also an effective way to lose weight. To make walking truly reward your weight loss efforts, keep in mind the 3 tips of in the following article.

  1. Overcoming your own limits
    In fact, there is no perfect formula for calculating the number of steps or time spent to bring the weight you want. Many men often set 10,000 steps a day to maintain good health. If you’ve set a goal to lose weight, you definitely need to get over the habit of going beyond that.

However, it will not be too difficult to start this sport from your daily routine. Do not try to go 10,000 steps on the start day while everyday you only go 3000 steps. The result is just frustrating right after the first day! The best way is that you should set goals for each week. Try to go 5000 steps in the first week, then the next week is 7000 steps every day. The special thing about this gradual weight loss is that it will help you to keep weight longer.

  1. Speed ​​up
    Try a combination of fast and slow pace alternating your daily training to increase the challenge. An American study showed that giving people with type 2 diabetes 3 minutes of alternating fast and slow not only helps control blood sugar but also significantly reduces the excess fat. the body. In addition, managing your emotions and having a healthy lifestyle will help you lose weight the best.
  2. Get into a daily routine
    Walking is a good habit and inexpensive. However, this habit needs to be improved for weight loss to become feasible. When starting out, don’t need to put too much emphasis on walking for an hour every day, so it’s best to make a habit that you don’t feel pressured to think about it. A good signal is when you practice without having to think how quickly time passes.

Take advantage of whatever living space you can practice. From an indoor gym or a walk outside the park, you can even go beyond familiar areas to discover new things. Ideally for weight loss you should try is going stairs, glutes and leg muscles will grow and burn a lot of calories after each workout.

Cycling documentaries to watch instead of “Lance”

No longer absolutely everyone is satisfied to look ESPN’s Lance documentary dragging Armstrong lower back within the headlines. If you’re one of the many that suppose its time the spotlight shone on someone else, here’s extraordinary documentaries to aid rather.

Because the Texan monopolized the highlight for goodbye, many legitimate athletes were overshadowed or didn’t get the attention they need to have on the time. Happily, some filmmakers took the time to cover those athlete’s efforts. We’ve protected documentaries that reach back into the Armstrong technology, just like the Geoff Kabush tale as told in working puppies, together with extra cutting-edge choices.

Maximum riders will already know classics like A Sunday in Hell or street to Roubaix, and the terrific Marco Pantani biopic, accidental demise of a bicycle owner. So, for the most element, we’ll attempt preserve a little more modern-day. There’s additionally Icarus, if you want to look at some thing approximately doping that doesn’t consist of the American. We’ve also left off fictional movies like Breaking Away, The Flying Scotsman (primarily based on the authentic tale of Graeme Obree), Quicksliver, and premium Rush.

First-rate Losers: A distinct global
Not all of us is satisfied to see ESPN’s Lance documentary dragging Armstrong lower back within the headlines. If you’re one of the many that assume its time the spotlight shone on a person else, right here’s documentaries to support as an alternative.

Because the Texan monopolized the highlight for see you later, many legitimate athletes have been overshadowed or didn’t get the attention they have to have at the time. Fortuitously, some filmmakers took the time to cowl the ones athlete’s efforts. We’ve blanketed documentaries that attain returned into the Armstrong era, like the Geoff Kabush story as informed in operating puppies, at the side of extra current choices.

Riders will already recognise classics like A Sunday in Hell or avenue to Roubaix, and the top notch Marco Pantani biopic, unintentional loss of life of a bike owner. So, for the most part, we’ll strive keep a bit more cutting-edge. There’s also Icarus, in case you want to watch some thing about doping that doesn’t include the American. We’ve additionally left off fictional films like Breaking Away, The Flying Scotsman, Quicksliver, and top class Rush.

Documentaries to observe in place of Lance
1. Incredible Losers: A one of a kind world
An intimate and emotional have a look at riders like Canadian Svein Tuft whose testimonies impact expert biking however regularly pass approximately their jobs out of doors the spotlight and headlines in their superstar teammates.

2. Half of the road: The ardour, Pitfalls, & energy of women’s professional biking
Half the street explores the dearth of financial sponsorship and media interest dealing with women’s biking. Directed by means of Kathryn Bertine, it’s an insightful view into the highs and lows of preventing for equity in a male-ruled recreation.

3. Running puppies

Geoff Kabush has been a first-rate force in Canadian mountain cycling for decades. While Sam Smith’s 2014 characteristic on the Olympian become launched, the B.C.-born and raised racer become already 20 years into his profession. Now, in 2020, the veteran campaigner has stepped faraway from World Cup racing but continues to be going sturdy at marathons, degree races, and the occasional enduro. Operating puppies pivots round 2010 mountain bike global championships at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Que. But delves lots deeper into Kabush’s profession than a single day at the races.

4. Slaying the Badger
This pre-Armstrong generation tale of Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault isn’t new however listen us out. It’s also part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. And, if there’s one rider whose popularity suffered on the palms of Armstrong, its Greg Lemond. Slaying the Badger dives into the rivalry between teammates Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond on the 1986 tour de France.

Wawrinka: In “Big Three” there cannot be all good players

Tennis player Stan Wawrinka explained that Djokovic suffered losses compared to Federer and Nadal in the “Big Three” group in terms of public support.

“In a movie, you can’t see the three being gentle,” Wawrinka said in an online chat with Novak Djokovic on April 19. “There must be a character against others. Of course, I say it with great respect for all three.”


The topic discussed by Wawrinka and Djokovic was the support of the audience with the “Big Three”. Wawrinka asked how the world number one player coped with the audience’s always on Federer’s side in matches against Djokovic. “Not easy”. Replied Djokovic. “I used to think it was unfair. When I first became a professional, I said I wanted to be number one. People wondered who this guy was and asked to compete with Rafa and Roger. From the beginning I had to face it.”
Djokovic then further analyzes Roger Federer. “He is loved all over the world. To be honest, as long as he plays, I don’t expect the audience to cheer me on every time I encounter Federer. I’m fine because it’s Roger.”

“Same with Rafa,” Djokovic said of his meetings with Rafael Nadal. “Am I doing anything wrong? I think not. I think it is mainly because of the greatness of Roger and Rafa. They They are not only great players, they are also charismatic, kind and humble people, they are great champions and make a great impression in this sport. a part of their era. From another perspective, maybe I’m not very lucky either. “

Wawrinka and Djokovic are predestined opponents, especially in the Grand Slam. Both spent two consecutive years in hot matches in Australia Open 2013, 2014. Djokovic won 17 Grand Slams, Wawrinka only had three. But in all three championships, Wawrinka defeated Djokovic on the way to the title. Swiss tennis player “Nole” in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open 2014, the final of Roland Garros 2015 and the US Open final of 2016.

In an online chat on Instagram, the two also shared about the difficult times in their careers. Wawrinka had two knee surgeries in 2017 and it took a year to recover. Djokovic remembered the defeat of Jurgen Melzer in the quarter-finals of Roland Garros 2010 – where he won the first two sets. “He was there with me. He was not only a coach, but also a brother, a father.” Vajda has been with Djokovic most of the time, since he became a pro.

Nadal won the match at Acapulco

Rafa Nadal won over compatriot Pablo Andujar 6-3, 6-2 in the ATP Acapulco tournament on February 26.

In the first match since the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, Nadal played not really as well as expected, before the opponent has never won him in all three meetings before.

In the entire 90-minute match, the owner of 19 Grand Slam lost two serves, one game per set, including the first game of the match. Despite losing more than half the points in return games, Nadal also won five games to block the ball. He scored a total of 26 winner points, and made 23 self-defeating errors.

Andujar took the lead first, taking advantage of the first-seeded faulty hand to lead 2-0 with a winner along the line. However, after a slow foreplay, Nadal caught up with the tempo of the game to restore order. The number two player in the world wins two games of defending in a row after two shots from a compatriot’s opponent.

Andujar tried to save three set-points while being 2-5, but ultimately could not save the situation. Nadal closed the first set victory with a perfect delivery game.

In the second set, the 33-year-old dominated the game by losing only one serve and winning three more games to close the ball and close the match. It was also the 16th victory in Nadal’s 18 matches in this tournament.

The opponent in the upcoming second round of the Spanish player is Miomir Kecmanovic, the winner of young Australian talent Alex de Minaur with the score 3-6, 6-4, 6-3.

The champions of ATP Acapluco 2005 and 2013 are raising hopes of regaining the number one world lost to Djokovic, because the gap between the two is only 325 points. If Nadal wins the championship this weekend, Djokovic will have to reach the semi-finals of the Dubai Championships to keep the top of the ATP scoreboard.

Milwaukee Bucks makes history at the NBA basketball tournament

Milwaukee Bucks currently has an extremely impressive performance at the American, NBA professional basketball tournament. In addition, the team from the East is temporarily leading the NBA with a 48-8 record.
Milwaukee Bucks currently has an extremely impressive performance at the American, NBA professional basketball tournament. In addition, the team from the East is temporarily leading the NBA with a 48-8 record. With this achievement, Milwaukee Bucks is really a very good team at the present time.

And why is it a good team for Milwaukee Bucks? Because with the latest victory against Philadelphia 76ers with the score of 119-98, Milwaukee Bucks wrote the history of going straight to the Playoffs before the Playoffs took place in 2 months.

According to the local Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Milwaukee Bucks is the earliest team to go straight to the Playoffs to date, February 24 (Vietnam time). In fact, three years ago, Warriors made history with a record of 73-9 and was the team that entered the Playoffs very early, but hit that milestone on February 26 (according to Vietnam time). is after 2 days compared to Milwaukee Bucks.

The biggest achievement that Milwaukee Bucks has to thank is the reigning MVP NBA 20180-19, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek player who was and was in a good position to say was much better than he was last season when Milwaukee Bucks was also top of the Eastern Rankings at the time.

“Demigods” are giving themselves 30 points performance, 13.6 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game. Not stopping there, Giannis Antetokounmpo also leads the NBA with extremely high defensive index with an average of 30.9 minutes he was on the field.
Milwaukee Bucks is currently 6.5 miles from the 2nd team, Toroto Raptors. For that reason, Milwaukee Bucks will be extremely comfortable for the rest of the tournament and what they are most interested in right now is the upcoming Playoffs.

Nadal – vengeance in Acapulco

Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal will attend the ATP 500 on the clay court in Acapulco from February 24 to February 29 as the number one seed.

A year ago, Rafael Nadal lost to Nick Kyrgios in a dramatic match with two tie-break series in the second round. This year, he will have the opportunity to recover that “debt” if the two of them reached the final.

But for the time being, Nadal is likely to face another Australian player. It was Alex de Minaur – who just lost to him in the first ATP Cup semi-final last month. “I was not surprised. He was young, energetic. De Minaur played with great passion, sometimes a little too much, the Spanish tennis player spoke of a possible opponent in the second round.

Nadal has won the Acapulco twice, in 2005, 2013, and is the number one seed this year. In the match on February 26, the Spanish player will meet compatriot Pablo Andujar – who has never won Nadal in all three times before. Last time, Nadal needed a tie-break series in the final set to overcome his senior at the Rio Open 2014. Andujar just got the best Grand Slam performance when it came to the US Open IV last year.

Located in the lower bracket, Nick Kyrgios will begin the journey to protect the championship by going to Ugo Humbert. The opponent in the semi-finals of the sixth seed may be Alexander Zverev, defeated by Kyrgios himself in the final last year.

The No. 2 German seed is aiming to win the 12th ATP title in his career. Acapulco is the third tournament in this year that Zverev has participated. After losing all three matches of the ATP Cup group stage, he reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open 2020, but stopped in front of Dominic Thiem – the Austrian tennis player who then came second.

Thiem is about to surpass Federer: Dream about the Grand Slam

After a painful defeat of 6-7 (1-7), 4-6, 3-6 against rival Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open men’s singles semifinals last month and just won Rafael Nadal after 3 sets in a friendly match Charity Fund in Cape Town (South Africa), Roger Federer has had trauma surgery and long-term leave.

Federer will pay special attention to Dominic Thiem. The 26-year-old Austrian surprised at the Australian Open recently when he defeated Rafael Nadal 7-6 (7-3), 7-6 (7-4), 4-6, 7-6 (8-6) in Australian Open quarterfinals. In the final of the first Grand Slam this year, Thiem also caused defending champion Djokovic to undergo five extremely hard set to win him to the 8th coronation at Melbourne Park.

Recently at the Rio Open, the tournament that I had won in 2017, Thiem was determined to raise the championship cup to take over the position of the 3rd male tennis player in the world that Federer holds. However, he stopped in the quarterfinals and could not take the throne of Federer immediately.

Ahead of the Rio Open this year on February, the gap on the ATP chart between him and Federer is only 85 points. Commenting on the great opportunity to take the 3rd place in the world from Federer, Thiem said: “Of course, I’m happy that I’m in a high position in my career, but I really want to get the NoI.1. Although knowing it’s a challenge, but it’s also a nice goal for me to realize in the coming weeks. ”

Austrian tennis king even emphasized improving the position with the desire to surpass Federer so that for the first time to reach the top 3 of the ATP rankings is not his top goal in the near future. Instead, he wants to win his first Grand Slam title after losing all three to the finals at Roland Garros (2018, 2019) and the Australian Open (2020) under Nadal and Djokovic. Instead, I want to continue my performance like I played at the Australian Open. After that, something will be happened to my rankings. “

Although Federer cannot be overthrown, it will come soon in the coming weeks with Thiem due to the injury “Express Train” and long-term breaks. Achieving this goal, the Austrian is able to give his all to the first Grand Slam title of his career.