Bungee Jumping – An adventurous sport

Imagine yourself sitting on a helicopter at an altitude of 3048 m, legs tied to a bungee cord connected to a helicopter. Below you are Pucón, Chile where the volcano is active and the lake is hot and red. When the helicopter is in place, your task is to jump into the crater.

Bungee jumping is an activity that jumps from a fixed point high from 31 to 183 m, the jumper’s leg is held by a elastic rope. The feeling only lasts a few seconds but the amount of endorphin hormone in the body secretes strong enough for you to feel extremely excited. Small injuries like bruises caused by friction wires with legs are a small affair, as many cases have died of this game. However, with improved safety, this adventure game is no longer too dangerous and popular among tourists.

Bungee dancing was discovered in the 1950s, on Pentecost Island in the Republic of Vanuatu, where there are 1609 km of Australia’s east coast for fun and adventure. When David Attenborough’s historian came to the area to make documentaries, he found that local young men often tied vines into their ankles and jumped from above. This activity has appeared here thousands of years ago, a way for young men to prove their bravery and formally considered adults.

From this discovery, more decades of this activity spread. Some illegal jumps were captured around 1979 and shortly afterwards. By 1988, after working with many scientists to get a safer, bungee jumper AJ Hackett launched the world’s first bungee jumping site at the Kawaran, New Zealand bridge.

Currently, bungee jumping has been an attractive activity for tourists. The world famous bungee jumping venues are always combined with adventure tours in areas of majestic natural landscapes to create more attractive levels of jumps. If you want to try once to discover the great feeling of a bungee, check out which location is right for you.

Villarrica volcano, Chile

Bungee dancing is not for the faint of heart and the jump here proves this statement. You will fly to a height of 3048m, wait until the helicopter is in the right position on the crater and … jump. The wire will stretch about 107-114m so you are only about 213 meters away from the crater. After completing the jump, you will be transported to the airport 56 km away – of course by helicopter.

Up to now, no one has died after performing a jump here. This Bungee activity is part of a 5-day trip, operated by Bungee.com, for $ 9,995, including accommodation at the Hotel de Lago resort and casino.

Macau Tower, China

Macau tower 335m high is not only a place for conferences or special dinners, but also a famous bungee jumping venue from a location with a height of 233m on the tower. After the jump, the rope will stretch just enough so you can only 31 feet from the ground, where viewers can admire bravery or laugh at your stupidity. The shield cable will help the dancer not plugged into the base of the tower. The price of this adventure is $ 1,488, including a jump certificate, a membership card and a t-shirt. You can book through Macau Tower Adventures.

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

The Bloukrans Bridge in Plettenberg Bay, known as the highest bridge used for bungee jumping: 216m from the water. If you dance here, you can feel the calmness of the river’s surface and be more reassured than miss anything, just head down into the water.

Bridge of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is 1707m wide and 110m tall, making it a great place for those who love bungee jumping. The jump will be carried out on the bridge along the Zambezi River on the Zimbabwe and Zambia borders. Here, the dancer just needs to show his passport.

Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

Although this jump is only 43m high, it deserves mention by historical value. The Kawarau Bridge is the world’s first bungee jumping venue hosted by legend AJ Hackett. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the feeling of bungee jumping where the sport is started. After making a jump, visitors can also enjoy an interesting boat trip on the river.

Verzasca dam, Switzerland

This is where James Bond made the opening jump for Golden Eye 1995. After making a jump from a height of 220m, you will be pulled to the old position on the dam.

Morrison Mine, Quebec

The jump from the Morrison mine top at Wakefield is the jump you are encouraged to reach the bottom with a depth of 62 m. The bottom of the pit is a natural lake so when touched, the speed has been reduced to the point where you only feel a little vibration. You can also dive in this natural lake.

Shopping area west of Edmonton, Canada

This is the jumping point for those who like attention, because there’s always a large number of viewers. Edmonton’s west shopping district in Canada is a bungee jumping place