5 causes of runner nausea when running (part 2)

  1. Eat and drink the wrong food before running

Highly acidic foods like citrus fruits, processed cheese or soda slow down the metabolism in the stomach to the small intestine but increase the risk of vomiting. Also, don’t eat foods high in fat, protein, or high in fiber before exercising. Because they slow down the contraction of food from the stomach, making you feel as heavy as containing a brick in your stomach while running.

In order to reduce food-induced vomiting symptoms, runners should not try to charge a lot of energy for two hours before the race starts. Only eat light snacks in small amounts are acceptable. If the adjustment to your diet isn’t working, you can take an antacid or pepto-bismol an hour before your workout. Nevertheless, runners should go meet a doctor to ask for the proper dosage.

  1. Do not stop running immediately

When crossing the finish line, some athletes stop running immediately, which can damage their stomachs. Therefore, experts advise that runners should continue to walk slowly instead of rushing to the curb to rest. This will give the body time to adjust as well as avoid stomach contractions. Not only that, remember not to drink sports drinks or eat too fast. Sipping some water and continuing walking to get the body back into balance are so much better for your health.

  1. Excessive dehydration

Experts said that sports players often feel nauseous when wearing thick sweaters to exercise too hard. They also believe that if losing more than 4% of body weight is the point that every exerciser should consider. Because thick and heavy clothes make your intestines not absorb fluids correctly, which led to a similar discomfort situation. Dehydration prior to entering the race is the main reason.

For not vomiting, runners should not be severely dehydrated. However, do not drink too much is also not a good idea as it may cause an adverse reaction. Runners need to know the ability of their own bodies to consume fluids. From that, applying the appropriate amount of water to create put your body into the best condition to enter the race.