Note for those who preparing to swim

A “standard” body is always the desire of many people, especially in the summer of travel. So to achieve that, except in gyms and workouts outside the park, why not try swimming, one of the sports that helps shape shaping very effectively. In this article, we will prepare the necessary notes for those who are just beginning to swim.

Swimming – if done seriously, it’s not like “I will try to float to the surface on a float and drink some beer”, but it will be an effective cardio exercise because it is capable of Burn more than 700 calories an hour if taken seriously.

Surely coming here has aroused the desire to conquer this subject, but you do not know how to start? Let us give notes from experts you need to know when preparing to swim to have a real body ready for the exciting summer!

  1. It’s completely okay if you feel frustrated halfway
    Swimming is a sport that requires a lot of techniques, from breathing regulation to swimming techniques. There are many factors that affect whether exercise is effective or not. Lance Watson, Olympic Gold medalist triathlon coach at the Ironman Hall of Fame, said: “Even athletes and cyclists who are in good condition feel it. It’s quite difficult when you just started practicing swimming.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the swimming cap

Fear Michael Phelps used to liken a swimming cap like … “Condoms for the head”, and shared that swimming caps are almost indispensable in this subject, especially for those who are new to swimming. Swimming hats will do a great job of protecting our hair from the harmful effects of chlorine, stabilizing them and helping to reduce water resistance. Many professionals even wear two swimming caps at the same time: the first one will help keep everything in place, while the other is worn over the swim goggles to help you take a comfortable swim.

3.Take a deep breath
When we practice on land, we tend to pay less attention to breathing. Because when we perform a certain strong action, our breathing will follow that intensity. However, for swimming exercises, we need to try to control our breathing.

Watson shared that most beginners try to hold their breath when they start to sink into the water, and then rise quickly to exhale and breathe in. This only creates an accumulation of CO2 in the lungs and blood. To get used to being in the water, practice first on the shore, and while simulating hand movements in the free-form swim, focus on your breathing when facing your face to the side, and breathing out while facing your face.

As soon as you feel okay with the head rotation, you should start in the water. Immediately after taking a full breath, slowly exhale through the nose and mouth. Then, when preparing to take a breath, your lungs will be slowly emptied to be ready to breathe again. Just like your breathing when jogging or cycling, try to regulate your breathing: for mild to moderate swimming exercises, take about three hand movements at a time, and one hand motion at a time. times for highly demanding swimming exercises.

4. Swim in laps, you’re wrong!
Practice swimming in sets instead of in a “loop.” Watson suggests doing batter exercises with sets of 5 × 100, 4 × 100, 3 × 100, 2 × 100 and finally 100.

Things get trickier as more adjectives follow. For example, Watson’s “tapering” exercise mode is swimming at a normal pace in the 5 × 100 set, then gradually increasing the speed to the following sets and sprinting in the final set. Or for the “ascending,” exercise mode that starts at the fastest pace possible, and then declines at later sets.

5. Perseverance is the key
It can be affirmed that swimming has never been an easy sport. Even professional athletes have had to spend part of their lives practicing, practicing and practicing in order to achieve certain achievements. So don’t be discouraged if you are just starting to swim.

Should we pratice exercise when having a cold?

As someone who regularly exercises sports, you certainly do not expect you to catch a cold. The sluggish, sluggish feeling always makes you tired, but you also do not want to break your sports habits. So what is the right workout advice for those who are sick?

It is not easy to maintain the habit of practicing sports for a long time. In addition to sticking with time, you must follow a suitable diet to get a sufficient energy source for exercise and a toned body. You must try to change yourself a lot to become healthier, until you have a cold.

The state of being tired and tired makes you want to lie down in one place, but breaking the habit is not what you want at all. At such times, what should we do? We would like to share with you some tips for exercising when you have a cold.

To be able to decide exactly how to exercise when you have a cold, you need to identify your symptoms. And the symptoms of a cold will be divided into two groups: symptoms of the neck area and the area below the neck. How to change exercise regimen will depend on the two groups of symptoms.

Regional symptoms on the neck
For the symptoms on the neck, you will often have a stuffy nose, sore throat, or sneezing. With this symptom group, you can still maintain your exercise regime in a mild, moderate manner. Try using a decongestant decongestant to help fight off a cold. When you feel you have enough energy, you absolutely can go to the gym; You just need to lower the intensity a little bit.

Also, consider those who exercise around. Always wash your hands clean, and clean tools after use or places you accidentally sneeze into. Try to cough or sneeze in your shoulder, avoiding coughing in your hands as this will spread the flu virus more quickly.

If you feel tired, continue to reduce the intensity of your workout, or end the session earlier than usual to avoid being exhausted. Once you get well, you can return to your normal intensity. Getting into high-intensity exercise when you’re not really strong will weaken your immune system, slowing your recovery.

Symptoms under the neck
With symptoms below the neck, you will often cough, have trouble breathing, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. In addition, you experience systemic symptoms such as fever or joint pain. At times like these, you really should postpone your workout.

This is because these symptoms indicate that your condition is quite serious. Your health at this time has decreased significantly, and you no longer have enough energy for your exercise. If you keep exercising, you run the risk of breathing problems, dehydration, dizziness or even unconsciousness.

If you have a cold, which exercise should you do?

When you get sick, it doesn’t matter what exercises you practice, but what you need to keep in mind is intensity. For example, if you usually do sprinting exercises this time, lower the intensity and do some jogging. Or if you do weight lifting, reduce the number of kilograms and increase the number of repetitions each of your sets. In between each set, you should take a longer break.

If you attend PE classes, you should probably skip group exercises and solo exercises. With colds, you should not contact too much with others, avoid spreading the disease to those around you.

This is advice from Drew Watson, a doctor from the department of orthopedics and rehabilitation at sports medicine, University of Medicine and Wisconsin Public Health.

Classic gym exercises to increase strength

Being healthier offers many practical benefits whether you are building ‘hard’ back muscles to do physical labor, ‘strengthening’ your feet for climbing mountains or simply limiting your chances of being injury when playing sports, strength training gyms meet you fully and completely. Moreover, improving strength helps you limit the risk of diseases of the ability to move or even cardiovascular.

You have to understand that: strength is not related to size. ‘Orthodox’ strength training is not lifting weights until your legs are ‘limp’ and your hands are shaking like Parkinson’s disease. No, strength comes from all sizes and fortunately, strength-boosting gyms have a lot of rules that you can easily follow, whether you’re experienced or not. Therefore, read this article and accumulate knowledge before creating a serious plan.

The benefits of strength training
Keith McNiven, founder of London-based PT Right Path Fitness, says: “By definition of fitness, strength means muscle strength and weight lifting. Basically, the healthier you are, the more weight you will lift. People do gym workouts that increase their strength for a variety of reasons; “For athletes they want to look firmer and feel confident, or they have physical requirements that require them to practice or they want to defend themselves.”

McNiven shares the benefits of strength training: “Training in this direction not only helps you increase muscle size but also strengthens tendons, strengthens connective tissue and prevents aging. bone chemistry. ” Luke Worthington – a coach in London’s Third Space physical and athletic veins – affirmed that strength training is the foundation of speed, endurance, flexibility and reflexes.

Even if you are a cardio addict, they are a way to increase strength because: “Perseverance requires strength; Running 10km is essentially the same as a 1,000-second leg lifts and swaps back and forth: they all use different forces. ” “Every path goes to Rome,” so practice your strength.

The science of power

McNiven points out the bottom line of strength-building gym exercises: “Strength training focuses primarily on the amount of weight you can lift rather than focusing on building a specific muscle group. ” He also explained how it works: “When you exercise, muscle fibers tear (not muscle tear) and the body begins to repair by regenerating the link with new muscle fibers. Gradually, as new muscle fibers replace, they thicken and cause the muscle bundle to enlarge. Therefore, it means that you have the ability to lift more weight than before. ”.

The rule of doing strength training exercises in particular and fitness in general is that you need to split the day of muscle activity to give them time to recover. In addition, nutrition plays a big role, so you need to supplement the standard amount of protein: 2g / kg of body weight every day when you are in the training phase to improve strength.

The classic gym exercises help improve strength

Once you understand why you need to care about strength training exercises, now is the time to start. There is no specific method for this, but there are many different gym exercises that you can add to the training process to have a big, muscular body.

Soccer-Themed Online Slots Games

Currently online casinos NZ slots, or ‘pokies’ as they call them in New Zealand, have moved on line and have become very famous.
The terrific factor approximately online slots is that they come in all distinct forms and functions, with reputedly no end to the creative and interesting new games. no matter what your favored hobby, sport or song is, you may locate a web slots recreation for that.
Let’s examine some of the great football-themed online slots games:
Soccer: Champions Cup
Soccer:Champions Cup from NetEnt is a five-reel, 20-payline online slots sport that mirrors the development of a real Champions Cup event as you play.
Stimulated by the 2016 ecu Championships, the sport offers numerous themed-bonuses like the Penalty Shootout that functions 5-rounds of spins to emulate the five kicks of penalties. several multipliers of up to 16x grow to be to be had as desires and bonuses are unlocked.
Football star
Stimulated by the world Cup, Microgamings soccer big name plays into the celeb repute of famous footballers. As you spin and win you may screen new pieces of the superstar footballer lifestyle.
The game features masses of dazzling rewards and bonuses and enticing graphics all bundled into a football-themed bundle.
Sensible soccer
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Practical football nonetheless functions the equal smooth gameplay and a laugh vintage-school images. The simplicity will attraction to players who used to play actual-life casino slots earlier than entering into on-line slots.
Euro Golden Cup
This offer from Genesis Gaming become launched in advance of Euro 2016 and functions 5 reels with 25 paylines. gamers can win up to twenty free spins with the Playmaker unfastened Spin function and advantage extra bonuses with scatter symbols, multipliers, and wilds.
With snap shots depicting UEFA gamers, in Euro Golden Cup you’ll find your preferred group’s jerseys and can development through the sport via scoring dreams and triumphing trophies.
Football Cup
Big on line gaming enterprise Viaden has protected a soccer slots game into its range of sports activities-themed offers. This contemporary slots sport capabilities excessive-intensity pix to be able to appeal to sports enthusiasts and other gamers alike.
The 5-reel 3-row football Cup slots recreation has 25 energetic paylines that can be encouraged by using player preference to enhance probabilities. After each win, you may get a ‘gamble’ choice to multiply your payout with the aid of guessing in which the striker will rating.

A bet on America: the sports gambling

The boardwalk in Atlantic metropolis, New Jersey, looks as if a forgotten film set. Scant tourists look in useless for its Prohibition-technology glory. The home windows of the significant Pier Arcade are grey with dirt. The nearby Trump Plaza stands empty. Snarkier non-residents name the town “the US’s armpit”.

However Franco Guerrero, who has worked in Atlantic metropolis’s casinos for 29 years, says that when darkish days following the 2008 recession, the metropolis — its accommodations and railroad as soon as the foundation for America model of the Monopoly board game — has new wish courtesy of the legalisation of one pastime: sports activities having a bet on online casinos

“A lot of people lost a whole lot of money and they moved out . . . however now there are more jobs and possibilities,” says Mr Guerrero. He moved from one of the boardwalk’s oldest surviving casinos, Harrah’s, to paintings on the tough Rock resort’s sportsbook — America solution to a bookmaker’s save but with huge live sports monitors and alcohol on sale — which opened in June closing year.

Atlantic metropolis is the frontier town for a brand new American gold rush. The gambling hub of new Jersey turned into the primary nation to undertake legislation permitting sports activities making a bet after the united states ideally suited court overturned a federal bill banning the exercise in may additionally 2018. a bunch of ecu and American operators have in view that constructed sportsbooks in its casinos.

The ideally suited court docket’s choice opened up a sparkling market, unhampered by means of the public and media clamour in opposition to hassle gambling in mature markets which include the United Kingdom. Peter Jackson, chief government of Flutter, which owns the Irish having a bet employer Paddy power Betfair, describes the opening up of america because the most interesting improvement when you consider that the appearance of on-line betting.

A combination of populace length and the ardour for sport could make it one of the maximum lucrative sports betting markets inside the international, analysts say.

Estimates for the scale of the potential market range wildly. playing Compliance, an enterprise studies company, values the market at up to $8.1 in revenue phrases through 2024. If the yankee Gaming affiliation’s $150 estimate for the illegal sports betting market is correct, it may be plenty bigger.

Essential items while jogging

In addition to sweat-absorbing clothes, watches help assess the effectiveness, a good pair of shoes is an important object to limit injury during exercise.

Running shoes

Shoes are the runner’s most important accessory. A good pair of shoes is designed to protect the foot from the impact of hard pavement and body weight on the lower limbs. It helps you run faster, cling to the road and more technical standards, limiting sliding problems, falls, contributing to reducing running injuries.

When choosing running shoes, the first requirement is that the shoes must fit, fit snugly, the sole is good jet and suitable for your running purpose. To choose the right size of running shoes, you should accurately measure the foot length, in comparison with the size conversion chart of the brand to buy.

Clothes, socks

In addition to shoes, running clothes and socks should be carefully selected.

Cotton fabric is the material that should be removed at the beginning even when choosing clothes or socks, because it is not sweat-absorbing, easily wet. You should choose specialized clothing for jogging. Specialized sportswear also helps keep the body warm in the winter, preventing skin cracking. For socks, you should also choose good hygroscopic and can wear 2 layers of socks to minimize friction between the skin and shoes.

For female athletes, bras are an indispensable outfit for running, helping support high impact activities. You can check the fit of the shirt by jumping up and down on the spot. Should change after 72 times washing or when weight changes.


The watch helps you to control the time of exercise. Some modern watches also have a function of measuring distance, heart rate, calculating the number of kilometers to run to evaluate the effectiveness of your workout. Many types have additional GPS satellite positioning functions, which help you determine the most convenient location, route, and distance.

Water bottle

This is an item to bring when you exercise, run long distances or when the water station is quite far apart to ensure the body does not suffer from excessive thirst. You should drink from 100-150ml of water after 20 minutes of jogging. Instead of holding a water bottle in your hand, you can use a watering backpack (water vest) to comfortably run and carry more water.

In addition, if you run in the sun, you can wear more hats and eyeglasses to protect the body. In case you need to bring your phone for contact and other items, you can wear an extra backpack, hip bag for jogging or phone pocket with headphone jack.

McIlroy wants to take Koepka’s number one sport in the world

World number two Golfer Rory McIlroy did not hide his ambition to end 2019 at the top of the world scoreboard.

“I have achieved what I want this year,” McIlroy said on the PGA Tour. “I want to end the year really well, because I feel I deserve a wonderful ending.”

In 2019, McIlroy won three championships, including major ones like The Players and Tour Championship. Golfer Northern Ireland also won the FedEx Cup and won the best award of the year PGA Tour. With Brooks Koepka suffering from a knee injury and not attending a tournament from now until the end of the year, McIlroy has the opportunity to occupy the number one position of the American opponent.

“I want to win a lot of points to bridge the gap with the world number one,” McIlroy continued. “At the beginning of the year, I was in eighth or ninth place in the world. If I play well in the coming weeks, I can create a good foundation for the next year.”

McIlroy has been at the top of the world for 95 weeks. The 30-year-old Golfer is ranked second in the world with an average score of 9.48. Koepka ranked first with 11.66 points.

After placing T3 in the Zozo Championship last week, McIlroy will remain in Asia for the WGC-HSBC Champions in China this week. The tournament on Sheshan Island, Shanghai is the last in a series of three Asian tournaments for the PGA Tour. The last time McIlroy won a World Golf Championships (WGC) was four years ago. Since 2015, he has added four times to the top 10 of WGC events.

“I have always loved the World Golf Championships,” the owner of four major said. “The playing field in Shanghai is suitable for me. I have loved this tournament since I first participated in 2009”.

The WGC series consists of four tournaments each year, large after only four major and The Players tournaments. The total prize money for this tournament in Shanghai was US $ 10.25 million, of which the champion pocketed VND 1,745 million.

WGC-HSBC Champions kicked off October 31. The tournament is also the last chance for golfers to impress the captain of the US team and the international team before the Presidents Cup. 8 out of 12 possible entries from each team are owned. Two captains Tiger Woods (USA) and Ernie Els (International) have four special seats for golfers. Bright people who win special seats like Tony Finau, Patrick Reed, Kevin Kisner, Chez Reavie, Im Sungjae, An Byeong Hun, Adam Hadwin or Corey Conners are all in Shanghai this week.

3 safe and effective bodybuilding exercises for a strong shoulder

Wide and strong shoulders are one of the common goals of boys when exercising. But not all fitness exercises ensure two factors: efficiency and safety. The following article, we introduce readers to 3 shoulder exercises that are evaluated by many experts with high safety.

People often say, “Eat whatever you want, weak, whatever you do,” people with small shoulders often focus on bodybuilding exercises to help them become more toned and toned, but they don’t have to rush to work. is effective and not all exercises are highly safe, if the wrong file or injury is inevitable.

It’s not just getting as heavy as you want it to be, it’s the fitness director of Men’s Health magazine – Ebenezer Samuel, in bodybuilding exercises for his shoulders. “Heavy training will naturally strengthen muscles, which is inefficient. But you also need to remember, rebuilding your shoulders is a long series of exercises, and if you’re a safe person, it’s easier to stimulate muscles from light weights, if you know how. ”

Instead of using all his strength to lift a barbell with heavy weights and then suffer a high risk of injury, Samuel regularly changes the weights from light to heavy and focuses on safer exercises. Because of a history of shoulder rotator cuff injury, he is very careful about the movement mechanisms of bodybuilding exercises.

Here are 3 shoulder muscle exercises that Samuel rated as “light, safe, and highly effective”, which he drew from his training. To perform these three bodybuilding exercises, you need a bell, a pair of dumbbells and an adjustable adjustable training chair. Remember, no matter how hard or heavy, remember to always practice “right”.

  1. Lift the bell with one hand
    Practice in 3 sets of 8 to 10 rounds each with each hand:
  • Kneel or stand straight with your shoulders shoulder-width apart, squeeze your abs and keep your back straight when the bell is held on the ground by the end of the person.
  • Still holding the back straight, tighten the chest muscles and abdominal muscles when swinging the bell so horizontal hold. Slowly put your hand up and hold for 3-5 seconds.
  • Keep the weight as balanced as possible and slowly lower it while keeping your back and chest muscles tight and tummy tight.

Samuel shares standing or kneeling, but he will often kneel to help balance the body effectively, and this movement requires you to use all the strength of your arms and shoulders to keep lifting and balancing the weight.

2. Kneel in halos style
Practice in 4 sets, each round from 14 to 16 times:

  • Kneel on one knee, hold the bell on the handle and point the weight up with both hands, keeping the weight at chest height
  • Keep your back straight and use your hands to swing the weight around your head
  • Try to rotate continuously so that enough 14-16 times
  • Rotate counterclockwise in a clockwise direction for each round

In this exercise, besides keeping your back straight and rotating your hands, you must pay attention to your breathing. Inhale back into your abdomen and exhale slowly.

3. Lift the barbell on the uphill chair
Practice in 3 rounds, each round 12 times:

  • Sit back in the training chair with your back sloping, leaning one chest on the seat
  • Hold your back with one hand and hold your arm
  • Slowly move the weight to the side and keep the arms and elbows straight when lifting the weight to the top
  • Pause about 2 seconds when the peak is reached, then slowly lower the weight gradually

Try to keep the weight parallel to the ground at all times, especially at the top. By doing so, the rotation of the part will play smoothly, which helps to protect your shoulder joint from injury.

“The crazy UFC” McGregor officially re-appeared

During a press conference held in Moscow, Conor McGregor revealed he will officially return to the ring in early 2020. Along with that, the procedures for signing the upper stage have been completed with UFC.

“I want to announce ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor will return to the ring on January 18 at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have returned to the best state, the date and time have been confirmed with the company (UFC). About the upcoming opponent, I already know a few faces. But now let’s go ask UFC because I don’t care who the opponent is. You just need to know I will be back on January 18, in Las Vegas. ”

Also in sharing, McGregor confirmed that he would prioritize a rematch with Khabib right in Moscow, Russia. “I really want to play here. We know the Moscow audience deserves a rematch and it will need to take place right here. However, I will not wait for him. One is only known to withdraw, and I am not good at waiting. ”

This can be seen as a provocation of Irish boxers to the opponent. Because before that, Khabib had been harsh for the opponent on Twitter. “In Moscow, rapists are not welcome.”

Certainly, Khabib is referring to the case of Conor McGregor allegedly sexually assaulted earlier this year, recently, the number 1 UFC star was also investigated for coercion of a girl in Dublin, Ireland. Conor’s actions made it easy for him to be targeted by opponents while still sitting outside the ring.

It is expected that the rematch between the famous UFC martial artist will not come true soon. Because before, Khabib had announced that he would only return to the ring in March next year according to UFC’s plan in the match against Tony Ferguson.

Therefore, McGregor will only be able to target some famous fighters such as Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal, Justin Gaethje or Donald Cerrone – all of them have called his name recently.

Italy won to Euro 2020

The 2-0 win over Greece helped coach Roberto Mancini’s team soon complete the task in the Euro 2020 qualifier.

  • Scoring: Jorginho 63 ‘penalty, Bernardeschi 78’.

Italy are in perfect shape with 6 wins, while Greece have won only one and lost three in four. The hosts have thus been highly appreciated in their first match at the Stadio Olimpico since 2015.

In fact, Italy had to go through a tense tactical battle. The visitors set up a tight defensive posture, and achieved the goal of keeping a clean sheet in the first half. They even created the first significant opportunity. 12 minutes Dimitris Limnios escaped down the right of the penalty area and then finished, causing goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma to save.

Dominate with more than 70 percent of possession, but Italy could not concretize into the chance to score. Efforts made by Leonardo Bonucci, Ciro Immobile and Nicolo Barella were unsuccessful. 39 minutes, Italy had more problems on the line when losing Federico Chiesa due to muscle injuries and had to leave the pitch.

Italy improves the post-game game, by speeding up and improving tactical transformation. Bernardeschi, who replaced Chiesa, soon proved to be effective when crossing the wing for Ciro Immobile to head, forcing Paschalakis to save the ball.

Italy’s determination also received the support of the god of luck. 63 minutes, Andreas Bouchalakis let the ball touch the ball in the penalty area and the referee immediately gave the home team a penalty. On the 11m mark, midfielder Jorginho easily opened the score.
Having psychological advantages and scores, Italy set up a defensive counterattack with Greece. From the right place to attack, the away team revealed more space and received the second goal. Bernardeschi put an end to Greece’s hopes of earning points by shooting into the top left corner.

With 21 absolute points and 11 points more distance than the third place team, Italy certainly holds one of the top two positions in Group J and tickets to the final round.