3 effective weight loss without fasting or overtraining

Effective and safe weight loss is always a way to lose weight that people aim to not only have a slim body but also a healthy body.

Join us to learn 3 ways to lose weight without going to the gym or crazy diet!

  1. Exercise regular and deep breathing
    The main rule of exercising that breath is that you should breathe in and out with your abdomen, not your chest, as we often do. The ant waistline, abdominal muscles are firm, healthy – everything is possible if you fully follow the steps of the breathing exercise.

Specifically, this method requires you to inhale for 3 seconds and then exhale vigorously for the next 7 seconds. For each exercise requires a different posture, in accordance with the purpose and needs of the practitioner. Experts also confirmed that if you apply this weight loss from 2 to 5 minutes a day, you will quickly get the desired results.

2. Taking shower in cold and warm water respectively
This method is quite simple and often comes with other uses. Bathing with warm water and cold water in turn not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you avoid some diseases such as arrhythmia, obesity, tonic disorder, high blood pressure or the swelling of subcutaneous fat tissue.

Contrast shower is exactly the following:

  1. After showering with soap with cool water, gradually switch to hot water, and keep for 3 minutes.
  2. After 3 minutes, gradually switch to cold water, and keep for 1 minute.
  3. Repeat this process 3-5 times.
  4. Finally, finish the process with cold water to constrict the blood vessels, helping to prevent the risk of vasodilation.

However, this way of losing weight is contraindicated in the following cases: epilepsy patients, pregnant, people with venous problems and veins. In addition, in cases of kidney disease or in case of consumption, stimulants are not recommended to use contrast shower.
3. Massage
The best way to lose weight by massage is to massage water, honey, and use your hands to massage on the skin. This method helps the body reduce excess fat, improve blood circulation in the abdomen and help the intestines to move well. You can do the massage method at home or go to specialized centers in turn periodically.

With 3 ways to lose weight both safe and effective, you can own a beautiful body if you are persistent enough.

How to build & maintain sharp beautiful abdominal muscles?

Creating beautiful abdominal muscles is a desire for every beard to desire. Creation was hard but maintaining it was another story that needed more effort. In addition to exercise methods, nutrition is of course a key factor!

A beautiful 6-pack belly muscle is the result for a long time of effort with many difficulties. However, it is not simply a matter of training to get them, while maintaining the abdominal muscles becomes sharp and V is also a long way of training and eating without ending.

Understanding the difficulties of the boys, we give you the bodybuilding and diet lessons to help you in the process of owning the perfect V-cut abdominal muscles more quickly. If someone tells you that no “shortcut” exists, show them the following article.

  1. Rich protein diet
    Protein is a very important nutrient in building muscle mass in the body, and muscle burns more calories than body fat, even when you’re resting. The best source of food for anyone who wants to own a beautiful belly is chicken (skinless), turkey, fish and lean meat
    For protein supplements, they will not support too much if there is no body movement from the body. But studies of graduate students posted on Sport Medicine show that with increasing time, frequency and volume of exercise, they will support accelerating muscle growth very quickly.
  2. Increase the number of abdominal muscle exercises
    Adding intensive exercises focused on the abdominal muscles will help the center to be strong, from which abdominal muscles will be sharpened more clearly. One of the most effective exercises in creating beautiful abdominal muscles is the suspension of 90 degrees.
  3. Limit the consumption of sweets
    You probably already know about this, so we don’t need to explain too much. Cookies, pastries, sweets or soft drinks containing refined sugar can cause blood sugar to spike, Connecticut dietitian and fitness trainer Sarajean Shakti Rudman said. They will increase the amount of insulin, which will affect the fat accumulation of the liver.
  4. Using complex mechanical exercises (compound exercises)
    Not only does it help to develop the buttocks and thighs, exercises that use many muscle groups like Deadlift can also help strengthen and develop the central muscle, thereby helping the boys own a muscle. Beautiful belly, sharp and healthy.
  5. Eggs – golden food for beautiful abdominal muscles
    An egg that contains protein to strengthen the body’s muscles up to 6 grams with amino acids helps stimulate the regeneration of muscle tissue. In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, the weight loss process of people who ate eggs for breakfast – as part of a calorie and fat control plan – was increased to strength up to 65 percent; body fat also decreased by 16 percent after just 8 weeks.

The first female racer wins the 4,000km bicycle race across Europe

Dubbed the “rock star” of last year’s race winner James Hayden, Kolbinger left the rest of the field when she reached the finish point in Brest, northern France, at the end of Sunday. .

In a field of 264 bicyclists, most of them male, Kolbinger emerged from the stage on Sunday with a lead of nearly six hours compared to the nearest challenger, Ben Davies from England.

“For years, we have been waiting, knowing that is possible,” Hayden tweeted.
The race, which began in Bulgaria on July 27, stretches across Serbia, Austria, Italy and France, with Kolbinger expected to complete the route by the end of Monday or early Tuesday.
Fiona Kolbinger surpassed more than 200 male colleagues, most on the Transcontinental Race road bike race on August 6.

“It is unbelievable that I have won this difficult race,” Kolbinger said after finishing the goal with 10 days, 2 hours and 48 minutes. “When I entered the race, I was just trying to be in the top of the female riders, but I never thought I would overcome the men here.”

The German race won 265 opponents, including 245 male riders, in a 4,000-kilometer road race, across five European countries. The delegation originated from Burgas, Bulgaria and ended in Northwestern France. As a rule, riders can choose their own route but must go through four mandatory checkpoints. They are not allowed to ask for directions, do not have technical support and have to take care of their own food and water.

There are some hilly and mountainous areas with rugged terrain that require the crabs to pass through and have the supervision of the organizers. “I went through a great challenge. Now I can practice less sleep habits every day,” Kolbinger added. The 24-year-old champion is expected to attend many road bike races in the future.

The European Intercontinental Racing Competition was launched in 2013 with the first leg from London to Istanbul. The past six champions were all male, in which Kristof Allegaert was the third most successful, while James Hayden had two wins. Besides the title for the champion of the race, the organizers also awarded prizes to excellent female riders.

UFC Jon Bones Jones was charged with battery by incident

MMA fighter Jon “Bones” Jones has been charged with battery, according to a criminal summons filed in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court in New Mexico.

The alleged incident happened in April whilst a cocktail waitress at a strip membership said Jones slapped her in her genital vicinity and put her in a chokehold, in step with the summons.
The megastar fighter says he failed to recognise approximately the fees until Sunday while a neighborhood information station contacted him, in line with Jones’ consultant Denise White.
Court docket statistics display a criminal criticism changed into filed on might also 23 and Albuquerque police sent a letter to Jones, but it was back in June. A failure to appear arrest warrant become issued for Jones on June 12 and a coins bond became posted on Sunday and the warrant became lifted.
“We are assured that Jon may be cleared from any and all expenses and this will be visible for what is, a baseless claim,” White said.
‘l simply do not need to cope with this man or woman’ in keeping with the summons, the waitress informed an officer she turned into serving Jones and his brother on April 19.
She stated Jones was being continual approximately her giving him a desk dance, but she advised him cocktail waitresses weren’t capable of deliver dances.

The woman stated Jones in the end pulled her onto his lap and started kissing her neck, in keeping with the summons.
At this factor, the summons says the girl “did no longer understand if Jon Jones became committing a crime by using kissing on her neck and did no longer understand what to do.”
The summons says later that night the female stated Jones changed into looking forward to some liquids and placed her in a chokehold. The summons is going on to mention Jones commenced “roughhousing” with the lady and picked her up, conserving her in the air.
The summons said the lady “did no longer realize how to sense, however felt it turned into like a wrestling suit and not anything sexual. “The lady told the officer she did no longer like that she became held in the air for a long term.
The lady informed the officer Jones located her down by way of the bar and slapped her inside the genital location and persisted to the touch her till he left the strip club.
Within the summons, the officer wrote that the female became frantic in telling the story.
“l simply do not need to cope with this character,” she stated. “The entire situation is so complex and i’m no longer certainly certain what to say and this individual receives away with the entirety.”

Novak Djokovic was crowned at Wimbledon 2019

On July 14, Tennis fans were satisfied with the 4-hour 57-minute mark between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final 2019.

The final match that weighed in on Wimbledon’s history with a time of 4 hours 57 minutes between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer was officially conquered with a superstar victory from Serbia. Djokovic has shown his agility and acumen as well as his competitive spirit in the Tie-Breaks series, which makes Tennis fans extremely satisfied.

Djokovic’s opponent, Roger Federer, is no less competitive with the chasing score for nearly 5 hours, both of them have a lot of chances to win with 7-6, 1-6 respectively. , 7-6, 4-6 and 13-12. But Novak Djokovic did a better job of leading the score with a 3-2 score in the match, convincing and winning the 16th Grand Slam trophy.

Immediately after the match, Novak Djokovic shared: “This is probably the most brainstorming game I have ever participated in, before I had a most physically losing match with Nadal in the final of the Australian Open tournament. It took nearly 6 hours. But today’s match is probably the match that gives me the most mental pressure and it’s on a different level. This final match was one of the matches I used many hind legs to hold the most. I always had to be in defensive position during the match, Federer, he was completely in the initiative. I tried my best to fight and be flexible to find goals. All three tie-breaks to win are very important, this can be considered my best match. ”

He added, “The most difficult moment will help you become strong, re-acknowledge yourself and also be an opportunity to better understand yourself.”

At the age of 32, Nokvak Djokovic excelled in winning five Wimbledon trophies in his career. If you look back at Novak’s entire career, perhaps 2011 was the most important milestone in Novak Djokovic’s career when he won the Wimbledon for the first time that same year and he won many great achievements and rise to number one in the world.

Novak Djokovic also has a massive fortune in owning 16 Grand Slam awards including: 7 Australian Open, 1 Roland-Garros (Open Solution), 5 Wimbledon and 3 US Open.

Roger Federer confronted Nadal at the Wimbledon semi-final

For the first time since 2008, two players will meet on the pitch at the third Grand Slam in the year after all have won victories in the quarterfinals.

On July 10, Roger Federer had a Wimbledon quarterfinal match with Kei Nishikori. The quick play style of the Swiss player has met with resilient resistance from Japanese “Samurai”.

Unexpectedly came in the first game of the match when Federer lost the break quite easily. The 37-year-old struggles to keep the next delivery games. Nishikori plays hard and wins 6-4 in the first set.

Taking the bitter fruit in the first set, Federer competed more aggressively in the later set. His play on the net started to work. “Express train” wins the 6-1 gap in set 2. In the next 2 sets, Nishikori is not easy to surrender, causing many difficulties for Federer. However, the player who possesses 20 Grand Slam titles has shown the skill and experience to win with the score 6-4.

Winning against the front of Nishikori, Roger Federer for the 13th time reached the Wimbledon semi-finals and won the 100-match winner. He became the first player in history to win 100 matches in a Grand Slam tournament. Legendary Jimmy Connors ranked No. 2 when there were 98 wins at the US Open.

Federer’s opponent at the semi-final is none other than Rafael Nadal. No. 3 seed had a 3-0 victory (7-5, 6-2 and 6-2) in front of a nearly 2m tall American tennis player Sam Querrey. Although let the opponent launch to 22 serve the ball to score directly, Nadal still knows how to exploit weaknesses to get an advantage.

The Spanish player took advantage of Querrey’s 2 serve to counter-attack, scoring a score of 78%. Passing Querrey and Nadal for the seventh time into the Wimbledon semi-final, he also helped him become the first player to score at the ATP Finals – the tournament for eight outstanding male players of the year.

Nadal and Federer will have their 40th match against each other in their careers and the fourth in Wimbledon. Federer won two finals in 2006 and 2007, before losing to Nadal in the 2008 final – one of the matches going into the history of world tennis. Nadal is leading Federer 24-15 after 39 meetings, and he won the last match at the French semi-finals over a month ago.

Brazil beats Argentina into the Copa America final

Brazil with its counter-defensive defensive play style defeated Argentina 2-0 to enroll in the first Copa America final after 12 years of waiting.
The South American super classic match was intense from the first minute. Argentina proactively made solid ball shots in the midfield to prevent technical strikers from the Brazilian host side.

This play cannot compensate for the looseness of Albicelestes’ defense. 20 minutes, Dani Alves has a tricky phase for Firmino to escape down the right wing. The Liverpool forward striker stretched for Gabriel Jesus to finish the near-goal and put Brazil ahead.

After opening the score, Brazil actively gave way to the opponent. Argentina held many balls but could not coordinate and could only rely on fixed situations. 30 minutes, Aguero headed high after Messi’s pass but the ball went back to the bar with regret.

The remaining minutes the two teams played quite balanced. The main ball rolled in the middle of the field and no noticeable situations were created. Brazil entered the break with a 1-goal advantage.

Argentina was forced to push up the attacking squad in the second half. The majority of Brazilian players successfully completed the task of isolating the striker Aguero, Lautaro Martinez with the midfield. Fixed situations become the lifeline for Messi and his teammates.

58 minutes, Messi had a chance to equalize but his shot sent the ball to hit the column in the regret of the fans. Brazil plays proactive defense and needs only a counter-attack to finish off the opponent.

In the 70th minute, Gabriel Jesus went straight to the middle to pass 3 Argentine players before stretching for Firmino to neatly double the gap for Brazil.

In the last 20 minutes of the match, Messi and his teammates expressed embarrassment. Argentina tried to make the ball hanging from two margins but was ineffective.

The match ended with a convincing victory for the host. Messi will have to wait another year to hope for the first major title when the Copa America 2020 will be held in Argentina.

Wimbledon 2019: Federer and the fight against time

On August 8, Federer will celebrate his 38th birthday. And if he steps on the glorious podium at Center Court on July 14, he will continue to set the record for the oldest player in the history of the championship. Wimbledon calculated in the Open Era (since 1968). The current record also belongs to him, after the Wimbledon championship 2017.
Broader in Grand Slam’s history, the record holder of the old Open Age champion is still Ken Rosewall, when he crowned the Australian Open 1972 at the age of 37. That would also be a milestone that Federer was deciding. The mind rushed into the journey to conquer Wimbledon 2019, the tournament will open next Monday (July 1).

“I love this place, because it gives me vibrations. I have beautiful memories. My childhood heroes all won here,” the player is holding a record of 20 Grand Slam minds. The “Every time I come back here, I try to be like them”.
Maybe FedEx is a bit humble, because he went into Wimbledon history as the greatest player in this tournament, but there is the fact that even if he seems to have conquered milestones, it seems to be over. Striving for strength, he can still make others hat by talent and determination. In his last appearance at Wimbledon, he crushed Marin Cilic only after 3 sets 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 in the final. It is also a tournament that Federer has won without losing a set, while his biggest (and younger) rivals like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, or phenomena new as Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev fell out one after another.

That year, Djokovic had to withdraw in the quarterfinals due to elbow injury, while Nadal was eliminated from the fourth round, after the marathon with Gilles Muller, with the final set of 15-13 in favor of the Austrian player. The fact that Federer won that year easily made many people surprised, because he spent five consecutive years without winning Wimbledon since taking down Andy Murray in the final in 2012. Previously, the first six Wimbledon championships Federer’s first came in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009, when he was at the best age.
Challenges for FedEx
To be fair, apart from the 2017 championship, Federer’s trips to London in the last few years have not yielded the best results. The most disappointing was in 2013, when Federer was knocked out of shock in the second round, against the lesser opponent Sergyi Stakhovsky.
Two seasons later, Federer was second in Wimbledon when losing to Djokovic in the final, and in 2016, he collapsed in front of the player with the heavy serve Milos Raonic at the semi-finals. Last year, Federer guarded the racquet before Kevin Anderson, after losing this 2m03 “pole” with the score 11-13 in the fifth set.
“It was a failure that hurt me so much. No one wanted to be a loser after such a game. It was a great motivation for me, because I didn’t want to sit here and justify my defeat.” Federer said after the loss – the loss he had lost several matchpoints in the fourth set, “That’s the worst feeling you have to go through as a player”.

However, that defeat has fallen into the past, and Federer will enter the tournament again this year as a heavyweight candidate, along with a 4-time champion of Novak Djokovic. After seeing the 12th Nadal win Roland Garros, and only two titles to his Grand Slam record, Federer is even more determined in Wimbledon. And he started this tournament with the 10th championship in Halle Open.
“Winning 10 times in a tournament is a very special moment in my career,” Federer admitted. He has owned 102 big and small titles in his career, only 7 behind the legendary Jimmy Connors. He is also the oldest ATP Tour winner since the 43-year-old Ken Rosewall won the championship in Hong Kong in 1977.

“Every time the champion in Halle is then I play well in Wimbledon,” the Swiss legend cheerfully said, “Of course, not a guarantee, but I played at the ATP Tour long enough to understand. how much it means. “
Let’s wait and see, can Federer put his 9th star on his shirt at the All England Club?

Youth’s Fixed Gear bicycle trend

What is Fixed Gear?

Fixed Gear or Fixie bicycles, which are used to refer to bicycles without brakes, are later captured on the rear wheels, making the car without braking still able to slow down.

The design of the bike is simple and without the brakes (brakes) of the vehicle, the driver of this bike does not need to use brakes to slow down, but uses his own foot and pedal.

The front gears are captured dead with a pedal, the rear gears are captured dead with wheels, two gears are linked together by chains. So when the pedal rotates forward, the wheel rotates forward; backward pedal, backward wheel; The pedal is stationary, the wheel also stands still. Fixed Gear players must learn to brake with their feet, drive the car instinctively, step forward, step back or stop.

Fixed Gear abroad
In Western countries, Fixed Gear bicycles are no longer a new trend for people. In addition to use in races, these cars are used for mail delivery, express delivery …

The young Fixed Gear movement of the world is like other street movements, developing spontaneously and quickly becoming a trend.

However, not every country in the world considers Fixed Gear a valid vehicle. In some countries, a bicycle is valid whether it is a Fixed Gear or a regular bicycle, and make sure the brakes are present on the vehicle. Even some countries such as France also require bicycles to have full bells and lights.

Of course, overseas laws are also relatively relative and often ignore Fixed Gear, since Fixed Gear is just bicycles, so it is quite common to not be touched by the police.

What’s good about Fixed Gear walking?

Referring to this Fixed Gear bike, people often refer to the concept of “Fun to Ride”.

If driving ordinary bicycles, people just pedal, then use the brakes whenever they need to stop, then Fixed Gear is different. The user must calculate ahead of the obstacle ahead, then gradually reduce the foot pedal rhythm so that it is reasonable. It is also possible to use gear braking techniques like those of Fixed Gear riders who often do, of course, to practice maturity.

Owning and mastering a Fixed Gear, the driver will be able to freely create, freely control, freely ride the way I like. Cycling forward, backward, fast, slow, all are personal, like what to do. If you are pedaling fast but want to brake, the driver has to put all his strength and weight on the pedal so that the pedal stops turning and the rear wheel stops spinning. In doing so, the rear wheel will drag on the ground with a long trail, this is called a bike-type drift.

Driving Fixed Gear is difficult, but lovers only need to practice a few days, to get used to and own their car. The most important is the deceleration skill, distance estimation, mastering the front wheel, rear wheel, stabilizing when standing still. After training, the driver can fully enjoy the creativity on his Fixed Gear. Some people like to drive a high-tech type of adventure, some like speed driving, and others like slow-moving …

The Fixed Gear driver needs more power than a regular bike driver, the power to brake the car with your own body without any support gear. However, it does not mean that only those who are “corn meat” can play Fixed Gear. Personality girls can also own fixie and freedom to create feminine or powerful driving styles like men.

Thai women’s volleyball won the world number one convincingly

The combination of experience and youth helps the Thai women’s team to have a 3-0 victory over Serbia, the reigning world champion, at the Nations League volleyball tournament.
In the afternoon of June 11 in Japan, the fourth week of the Nations League volleyball tournament for women took place, opening the match between Thailand and Serbia. The number one team in the world does not bring the strongest team to the tournament but is still highly appreciated.

Thailand has played with veteran faces like Thinkaow Pleumjit, Sittirak Onuma, Tomkom Nootsara, and talented young faces Moksri Chatchu-On and Boonlert Tichakorn. After more than an hour of competition, the girls of the golden pagoda have won with the numbers 25-22, 25-23 and 25-21.

The victory of the Thai women’s team is achieved by low-level defensive specialties, along with tactical quick-hitting pieces, making it difficult for the opponent to judge the ball. The great public belongs to captain Nootsara, one of the world’s top two passages.

According to statistics, Chatchu-On is the most prominent competitor with 14 points, the most games. Youngsters from Serbia have a match that is worth forgetting when it comes to 27 mistakes, more than double that of rivals.

This is Thailand’s fourth win after 10 matches. With 13 points, they rose to 11th place on the rankings.

The table in Japan, in addition to the home team, also has the presence of Serbia, Brazil and Thailand. This is the table that is said to be difficult for the beaters of the golden temple. They will meet the other two teams on the following days.

Thai volleyball does not place much emphasis on achievement at this tournament. Their most important tournament this year is the Olympics qualifier. The Olympics playground has always been a Thai dream for many years, where it is highly likely that they will compete directly with Korea to reach Tokyo.

Nations League is a tournament for the world’s top 16 volleyball teams, divided into 4 tables, lasting 5 weeks. The teams will take turns competing against each other and choose the top 6 teams to play the final round.