Thai women’s volleyball won the world number one convincingly

The combination of experience and youth helps the Thai women’s team to have a 3-0 victory over Serbia, the reigning world champion, at the Nations League volleyball tournament.
In the afternoon of June 11 in Japan, the fourth week of the Nations League volleyball tournament for women took place, opening the match between Thailand and Serbia. The number one team in the world does not bring the strongest team to the tournament but is still highly appreciated.

Thailand has played with veteran faces like Thinkaow Pleumjit, Sittirak Onuma, Tomkom Nootsara, and talented young faces Moksri Chatchu-On and Boonlert Tichakorn. After more than an hour of competition, the girls of the golden pagoda have won with the numbers 25-22, 25-23 and 25-21.

The victory of the Thai women’s team is achieved by low-level defensive specialties, along with tactical quick-hitting pieces, making it difficult for the opponent to judge the ball. The great public belongs to captain Nootsara, one of the world’s top two passages.

According to statistics, Chatchu-On is the most prominent competitor with 14 points, the most games. Youngsters from Serbia have a match that is worth forgetting when it comes to 27 mistakes, more than double that of rivals.

This is Thailand’s fourth win after 10 matches. With 13 points, they rose to 11th place on the rankings.

The table in Japan, in addition to the home team, also has the presence of Serbia, Brazil and Thailand. This is the table that is said to be difficult for the beaters of the golden temple. They will meet the other two teams on the following days.

Thai volleyball does not place much emphasis on achievement at this tournament. Their most important tournament this year is the Olympics qualifier. The Olympics playground has always been a Thai dream for many years, where it is highly likely that they will compete directly with Korea to reach Tokyo.

Nations League is a tournament for the world’s top 16 volleyball teams, divided into 4 tables, lasting 5 weeks. The teams will take turns competing against each other and choose the top 6 teams to play the final round.

Items should be prepared before running a marathon

Shoes, clothes, socks, knee guards, watches, water accessories, towels … are things you should prepare before running a marathon.
Shoe is the most important item when running a marathon. You should choose a pair of shoes from manufacturers that specialize in jogging. Depending on the route is the marathon in the city or trail (run terrain) but choose the appropriate shoes.

If running on less rugged, flat plastic roads, choose lightweight shoes, good ventilation and good grip. Running in rough terrain, choose shoes with a soles design to increase grip, help protect your feet when trampling on rocks or thorns of forest trees. Mesh material with holes or no holes helps to drain the fastest water out of the shoe.

When buying shoes, you need to consider the slope of the heel and the tip of the shoe, also known as the thickness or thinness of the sole. If the heel doesn’t slip down at the motion and 10 toes are comfortable moving in the shoe, that’s the right shoe.

To choose the shoe size, you should let the staff measure your feet carefully, avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or too wide. Running shoes should be 0.5 to 1 size larger than normal to create a comfortable feeling, avoiding blistering when running.

“You should practice with shoes that will be used in competition as much as possible so that your feet will get used to time. The shoes are too tight or too wide, causing blisters, rubs, scratches …”, Ms. Thanh said .


Before entering the tournament, runners should find out the local weather conditions to wear appropriate clothes. Jogging clothes have different types but must meet the drainage and sweat standards.

Pants have two product lines: wide-leggings and tight pants. Loose pants are more suitable for men. Sweatpants help keep the body warm better in cold weather and are as effective as a massage machine, reducing muscle aches and pains. If you do not often participate in running, you can wear casual shorts.

Food supplement

Jogging terrain needs foods and drinks to help absorb energy quickly. Types such as energy bar, organic bar, dry food, gel form, plasticizer and sports drinks, electrolyte drinks all have the function of loading energy, speeding up the recovery, helping the muscles work. Good the next day or immediately after use.

Accessories for water

Depending on the number of short or long distance runs you choose the appropriate water supply accessory. Water vest (containing 1.5 to 2 liters of water) for people running over 21 km. If running shorter, you can choose a hip belt (over 250 ml) or a wristband.


Runners should choose socks made of polyester fiber or synthetic fibers with fast moisture absorption properties, ensuring the legs are always dry and cool when running. In addition, running socks need to be designed without seams, creating an absolute seamlessness, avoiding the footing when running.


Runners can equip themselves with a basic watch to measure the time, distance, current speed, average speed, stride, number of calories consumed, heart rate …

Knee protection belt

The belt works to protect the knee joints, avoiding injury, useful for those who run from 21 km or more.


Jogging often has a lot of sweat on your face, you can use a versatile towel (a towel that can be worn on your forehead and wrist) to absorb sweat, preventing sweat from flowing down your eyes, especially those wearing glasses.

Two ways to maintain an effective year-round exercise

Joel Martin, Associate Professor of Kinetic Energy Research at Fairfax University in Virginia, shared: “I always choose challenging goals and plan a practice to complete them all. This is a way I often use to make myself honest in exercising. ”.

It’s time you need to be serious but face the goal of exercise after a break or before summer holiday. We often set goals or are too ambitious or too general (just to be healthy), and that is why the effort spent does not bring results.

The author Cassie Shortsleeve has a post on Mensjournal which has shared two important ways but within reach to help you get a strong health foundation to begin a continuous exercise process throughout the year. : “Running fast” and “pushing as hard as possible”. In particular, jogging will help you improve your fitness and push, including variations, that will help you gain strength.

The above two methods cover the qualities and skills of a good athlete: exercise knowledge, overall strength, physical and mental agility. You can believe it or not, but all you need to achieve is motivation, or in other words, you just need to start with the goal of making you most excited or pursuing a specific goal. than. Most importantly, you must build a really suitable and feasible exercise plan for yourself.

For example, if you are a triathlon athlete, one of the specific goals you need to do is jogging to improve speed and endurance. Joel Martin, Associate Professor of Kinetic Energy Research at Fairfax University in Virginia, shared: “I always choose challenging goals and plan a practice to complete them all. This is how I often use to make myself honest in exercising. ”

If you are still struggling to start a training process throughout the year, this is the advice for you: starting from the basics to possessing a solid foundation then you will be able to do it. more specific goals. Whether it’s bodybuilding, yoga, fitness or aerobics, you can’t skip the preparation step – a reasonable exercise plan.

Wilder defeats Fury after 12 innings

Three referees for Wilder were 115-111, 110-114 and 113-113 respectively, helping American boxers retain the world WBC belt.
Deontay Wilder only did exactly half of what he said during the pre-match press conference, that was to knock Tyson Fury down. Wilder did this even twice, in the 9th and 12th quarters, but that was not enough for the American boxer to win.

Far removed from British authority for more than two years but Fury proved he was not flooded. After two easy victories against Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta, who held three championships IBF, WBA, and WBO continue to show his dreadful blow to Wilder. Fury took the initiative for most of the game, and if it hadn’t been for the floor twice, perhaps the English puncher would have won the competition.

The result of a draw between Wilder and Fury is in the predictions of the bosses. The bonus for Wilder was agreed to be four million dollars, and Fury was three million. It is strange because the champions of the championship belt often receive large deviations, especially for the world WBC belt holders like Wilder. Besides, Fury has just returned to training and playing for half a year. The real ability of a British boxer is questioned, because his opponent is the winner of his career, with 39 out of 40 matches being knocked out.

But what happened at Staples Center, Los Angeles proved, Fury deserves this bonus. He proactively kept his distance from Wilder, maintained the match speed at a moderate level, and was very confident of avoiding the attack every time he was cornered. Statistics after the match show that Fury is a puncher but his rate of heavy blows is up to 37%, more than double that of Wilder (17%).

In addition to proactively stepping back to the corner, Fury constantly teased Wilder, especially during the last three rounds. 30-year-old boxer wants to lure the opponent to attack first, then take advantage of 2m06 long arm span to hit horizontal hooks. This strategy of Fury was successful in the first eight rounds. Except for the second half, when Wilder had a straight punch to hit the target, Telegraph and Guardian boxing experts simultaneously won Fury in the remaining seven innings.
The seventh half could be considered the top performance of Fury. The boxer nicknamed “King Digan” correctly calculated, that Wilder was only scary in the first six innings. 34 of Wilder’s 39 knock-out events took place during this time. Therefore, entering the 7th round, Fury attacked more. Instead of just dodging and launching straight pokes like the previous rounds, Fury hooked more and twice and Wilder darkened his face. Before that, in the third round, Fury also made the Wilder eyelid swell when two straight punches hit the target.

But Wilder is not only anonymous. If Fury is good at temperament and cold, Wilder is wild and careless. After slipping several times during the first half, the world WBC belt keeper accelerated in the sixth half with the intention of finishing Fury, but failed. Going to the seventh round, Wilder proved to be stubborn and continued to be at a disadvantage during the 8th half. However, the boxer with the nickname of “Dong Bom” was not discouraged. He still rushed to the opponent, with the intention of knocking out the knock-down to turn the flag.

Bodybuilding monster Lazar Novovic: Superman of Serbia

Lazar Novovic‘s name is no longer strange to the Calisthenics community. This bodybuilding monster has inspired many people to come to the subject without weightlifting.

Lazar Novovic is a founder and operator of Bar Brothers – a Calisthenics organization whose biggest goal is “to motivate you to have a healthy body and achieve life goals”.

The main activity of Bar Brothers is to post training tutorial videos and suggest accompanying nutrition menus. Brothers Bar is available throughout popular online platforms. There are 500,000 people following Bar Brothers on YouTube and 340,000 followers on Instagram.
Lazar Novovic has been with Calisthenics since 2008. In 2011, he and his close friend Dusan Djolevic created Bar Brothers. That same year, the short film “Go Hard or Go Home” by two people posted on YouTube achieved more than 20 million views. Looking back at this time, the movements performed in “Go Hard or Go Home” are nothing terrible and even monotonous. However, “Go Hard or Go Home” has proven that it is not necessary for people to be able to look good and contribute to the unfavorable Calisthenics movement.
However, the video takes Lazar Novovic’s name to new heights as “Higher Power Workout Motivation”, born after “Go Hard or Go Home” for two years. At this point, Lazar Novovic’s movements have become much more complex and complex. At the same time, Calisthenics superstars like Frank Medrano also appeared and gradually formed an active community.

Bar Brothers is an ideal launch pad for Calisthenics talents. First of all, to become a member of the organization, you have to form a small group and complete the following challenge: muscle-up 7 times, inhale 25 times, pull the soap 15 times, inhale the double soap 25 times, pull belly 10 times, 20 times one leg thigh (pistol squat) and finally muscle-up 7 times. The time limit is 4 minutes and the movements are not technically wrong.

Once you become part of Bar Brothers, every video you post on YouTube or Facebook will reach more people. In addition, you can also participate in major events organized by Bar Brothers.

Dennis Bergkamp: The refinement of the monument

Every time I mention Dennis Bergkamp, ​​people still give the best striker in the history of Premier League and praise him for hours with the content of two words: “subtle”. We can spend a hundred page to write about Thierry Henry’s goals, but a dictionary is needed to describe the artistic quintessence that Dennis Bergkamp tolerated in football.

Under the reign of Arsene Wenger, the Gunners wrote the most brilliant and memorable gold chapters in the history of the club and, of course, there was a tremendous contribution of the people who came. Then become a legend at Highbury fortress. Among Arsenal’s monuments, Dennis Bergkamp has always been the name that caused the fondness for fans not only because of the goals he scored, but also because of the emotions he brought every time he set. foot on the green grass. Dennis Bergkamp was different from the rest, he brought the beauty of art into his own play, turning every delicate touch into a poetic life.

Whenever referring to Dennis Bergkamp, ​​although not a fan of Arsenal, people still give the best striker in the history of Premier League history words and praise him for hours with the content of two words: fine sacrifice. Dennis Bergkamp not only finished the sorrowful tsunami, he also possessed the ability to handle one-touch ball at super level, professionally and artisticly. We can spend a hundred-page book on Thierry Henry’s goals but use a dictionary to describe the artistic quintessence that Dennis Bergkamp tolerated in football.

Dennis Bergkamp’s shine at Ajax has opened the door to his career with bigger leagues like La Liga and Seria A, and Johan Cruyff told Bergkamp that he should not play for Real Madrid (easy to understand). ). Bergkamp was keen to get into Italian football, where Inter Milan were ready to welcome Bergkamp with a £ 7.1 million contract. However, Serie A is not a promising land for closed players like Bergkamp and, worst of all, racing is always at a high level.

On August 29, 1993, Dennis Bergkamp made his debut for Inter Milan fans in a 2-1 win over Reggiana at the San Siro. But with Bagnoli’s public arrangement, Bergkamp could not find a common voice with his two colleagues, Sosa and Schillaci. Not only that, with a poor record in the domestic league, Inter Milan changed their positions continuously for 2 seasons and failed to protect the UEFA Cup pushed the “Nerazzurri” into a full blood transfusion. In February 1995, Massimo Moratti bought the club and one of his first moves was to buy Maurizio Ganz to replace the Dutch “unable to fly” Dennis Bergkamp.

During Bergkamp’s years at Highbury, Arsenal were no longer a boring club, but they became a real Premier League force with dedication and liberal style. Arsenal under the direction of Arsene Wenger and the gods like Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Robert Pires, Marc Overmars or Patrick Vieira have given fans great feelings that they have never known before.

How to exercises properly when having an illness?

Proper exercise with moderate intensity is a method of eliminating the negative effects of illness that occurs in the body, but remember that it must depend on the type of illness you are having to actually is effective instead of making the health situation worse.

Exercise is a familiar daily activity of anyone, so the full intake of knowledge to do the right thing is a topic that is of great interest to men, but to exercise properly when being disease to recover effectively is another story.

Normally, when the body is tired or sick, people want to rest instead of working hard. So proper training to recover or rest in a rest home is a personal matter, so we have absolutely no imperative or normative guidelines. Here, we refer not only to normal health conditions, but also to medical conditions, and proper exercise depends on your health condition.

However, if you want to continue training even when you are sick, the preparation step is never redundant. You need to determine from the beginning that the line between supporting recovery and making the health condition worse is fragile, all of the components are based on personal experience, nutrition and even ants. Your consciousness about the health problem you are having.

First, you need to know what health problems you are having, for example, if it is a headache, a runny nose or a feeling, proper exercise is a light exercise. In fact, walking or jogging will help your body reduce cortisol levels, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce bad effects more effectively than if you lie in bed all day.

Another option is to do the right exercise with a short period of time and a few reps (enough) to stimulate muscle movement, not push your heart rate up. Exercises with single weights and shoulder pads can help you control your heart rate more easily.

If your health problem lies in the body like the back, chest area, respiratory diseases or the effects of fever, pain, the best option for you is to rest completely. Sometimes you need to take advantage of the period of sickness to rest because this is when the musculoskeletal is fully recovered especially after the period of intense exercise.

In short, exercise improves the body’s insulin sensitivity, improves glucose tolerance, releases endorphins (healthy feeling hormones) that help the body sleep deeper and recover faster, enhance immunity against external threats and bring your body back to the most pleasant state. Proper exercise is a method of eliminating the negative effects of illness on the body but it must depend on the disease you are having.

Man Utd lost to Everton

Everton went into the match against Man Utd when they were relegated and only had a chance to fragment the Europa League. However, with Man Utd down, the home team has outstanding performances in class, fighting and overwhelming in every aspect that four goals have partly shown.

This is the sixth defeat in Man Utd’s last eight games. The crisis came at the right time, contrary to the dreamy time when Solskjaer took over temporary positions. After being eliminated in the Champions League, Man Utd faced another defeat if not in the top four this season.

Man Utd is in sixth place, two points behind fourth-placed Arsenal and plays more than one game. In the last four rounds, they had to meet Man City and Chelsea in turn, before facing smaller teams Huddersfield and Cardiff. If you want to go to the top 4, Man Utd may have to win all four matches, which is very difficult to look at in the current form.

Before the match, Solskjaer was under pressure and his eyes were skeptical by Man Utd’s weak series since he signed the official contract. The Norwegian rulers did not have the proper response when his students performed a show on Goodison Park. Everton is not Barca, but Man Utd has helped them partially create a bold victory.

Everton is showing high performance at the end, especially before the big guys. They in turn beat Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd in the recent rounds, creating big fluctuations in the top 4 race despite the recent victory to bring Everton to seventh place. In the lucky case, Everton kept seventh place and at the same time the fifth place, six Champions League and Europa League winners, they will have a chance to go to Europe next season.
It seems that the defeat against Barca is still lingering in Man Utd’s mind. The home side warned them with a finish that De Gea had to score at the beginning of the match but the lack of concentration forced Man Utd to bid. In a throw-in situation, Calvert-Lewin headed the ball for Richarlison to open the score.

Everton took the initiative and controlled the entire match against Man Utd’s weak resistance. The home side doubled their lead in the first half with Gylfi Sigurdsson’s 25-yard shot. Entering the second half, Everton did not stop and Man Utd still performed a feeble face that made them receive two more goals. Lucas Digne scored a long shot before Theo Walcott scored a goal against De Gea. Walcott’s finishing goal will be a great help for former Arsenal team in the top 4 race this season.

This is the first time since 1981, Man Utd suffered five consecutive defeats away. This bad performance makes them face the risk of attending the Europa League next season and making Solskjaer’s revival more difficult. The Norwegian army itself is also under pressure at this time. In the next match, Solskjaer needed Man Utd to regain his spirit before City if he did not want the chance to finish the top 4 early.

How does a Squat exercise work?

Squat is an exercise that combines many muscle groups, and that is simulated as “the king of exercises”. So, we should also learn more about this exercise, because understanding the mechanical structure of the Squat exercise will help you reduce injury and improve efficiency.

You can easily realize that any fitness lesson cannot be missed with the Squat exercise – the prince of the exercises. Because of its popularity, the more we have to understand how it works.

Stretch and shrink
When bearing the thigh, the operation process is divided into two phases. The contraction stage is the stage when the muscle exerts force to overcome the resistance, which in turn causes movement and this is when you stand up. Stress is the muscle phase under pressure, but not greater than the opposite force. Then, the muscle will relax, this is when you lower your body. In the Squat exercise with the participation of many joints and muscles, stretching plays the role of “braking” to reduce the speed of movement, while protecting the body from injury.

The regions involved in the Squat exercise
Both the up and down stages of the Squat exercise use both the large and small muscles of the lower body. These muscles include the anterior thigh muscles (also called quadriceps muscles), the back thigh muscles, large gluteal muscles, inner leg muscles and external leg muscles, posterior tibialis and countless other muscles in the foot area and ankle. Only in one movement that mobilizes too much capital is needed for daily living, Squat exercise is considered the best exercise to improve the quality of life.

Stress phase (Lowering people)
At this stage, gravity generates a strong pulling force. If you carry extra weight, the bigger the gravity. To counteract gravity as well as protect the joint from injury, the big buttocks as well as the rear thigh muscles relax at the hip area, the anterior thigh muscles relax at the knee, and the leg muscles, folds and tibial muscles first relax in the ankles. When these muscles relax, they create a force to control the speed and range of the stretch phase.

Shrinking stage (Raising people up)
In contrast to the stretch period, during this period, the upper muscle groups instead of stretching out to shrink to create force against gravity, lift the body up. The contraction rate occurs at the same time to ensure joint safety, avoiding injuries while rotating the legs. Because the big buttock muscles and the back thigh muscles attach to the pelvis, the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles in the upper body will create a contraction force to fix the pelvis and keep the upper body still.

Double Surfing: A fascinating sport in Hawaii

Double surfing is a sport that requires surfing skills, strength, flexibility, ability to concentrate and balance, as well as mutual courage and trust. Two people in the team need to coordinate well and watch the exact time to make difficult moves.

We lists 5 reasons for double surfing to be a bargain for adventurers:

  1. Men must be super good surfers, as well as have good balance while lifting their partner
    Before coming to double surfing, some people practiced surfing as children, developing solo surfing skills to a certain level. Remember, they have the ability to evaluate waves and choose which waves can both be safe and ensure fun. Besides, they are also very hard at forging physical strength.
  2. Women must also surf well and be a good swimmer

Being a good swimmer and not afraid of heights makes women confident enough to play double surfing at a professional level. Improving the rhythm of movement in the body will help us surfing, then do a difficult move (like yoga) while still balancing to make double surfing a big challenge.

3. Two people must be well prepared

Sometimes when surfing between waves, we will get a strong slap on the face and chest. Always be on guard. While riding a wave, the waves become bumpy or hit a man, both must immediately change the coordination post. Need a good idea between two people, make quick decisions and synchronize movements so that no one has to fall.

4. Healthy, supple and courageous

Not only men but also women must be strong enough to keep themselves in the air. This requires medium-sized women to develop muscles. In addition, enhanced plasticity – Flexibility can make a difference in competitions.

5. Trust and respect

Some couples who participated in this series are dating, some couples are married. However, there are many couples who are merely co-actors.

Even so, men still have to respect your partner and her safety will be his top priority.
In contrast, the woman also trusted her partner so he could lift her and keep her safe. It is possible that women love big waves, but understand that the partner will avoid if the waves are too steep.

Also, respect other surfers. Ready to give way to them to ensure everyone’s safety, tighten their friendship and share the waves together and praise when someone makes a perfect surfing.

All in all, this is a challenging sport and also a beautiful sport. If you have the opportunity to Hawaii, take some time to admire the healthy movements of couples.