USA eliminated in the quarterfinals of the basketball World Cup

USA eliminated in the quarterfinals of the basketball World Cup
A big surprise occurred at the World Cup when the US basketball team lost to France 79-89, on 11/9.

Before the tournament in China, the United States won all international competitions in the past 13 years. But the squad with many good players in the American professional basketball league (NBA) suddenly lost a series of 58 wins at the World Cup and Olympic, when facing France, it was underestimated.

The one who engulfed the hopes of the United States was the highest-paid French player in the world, Rudy Gobert. Gobert played in the NBA and once signed with Utah Jazz a $ 102 million contract for four years. In the quarterfinals on 9/11, the 2m16 high of the striker in front of his Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell made the USA unable to equalize at the last minute.

Gobert scored 21 points and had 16 rebounds, 3 blocks, the best on the French side. “We went to the World Cup to win the gold medal,” the 27-year-old striker said. “Many people crossed our names when France had to fight America, but France won. If France cannot take gold HC, this victory is meaningless.”

France led 45-35 from the middle of the second half, but Mitchell’s brilliance helped the United States lead back seven points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. By the end of the match, France equalized and took the lead, after the United States repeatedly missed. Gobert’s two important blocks against Mitchell and Kemba Walker welcomed the spirit of the team that won the last two World Cups. In the end, America lost 79-89.

This is the first victory of France after 10 meetings with the US. In the semi-finals, the European team will face Argentina. The United States will meet Serbia in the fifth division from fifth to eighth.

The US went to the 2019 World Cup with a squad of all NBA players, but was considered the weakest in the past decade. No player has ever played at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Many people are not at their best, others refuse to recruit and state that they want to play in the NBA.

AusCycling explained: Australian cycling’s destiny or properly-meaning pipe-dream?

Australian biking is inside the midst of its largest alternate in latest memory. After years of division between the various cycling disciplines, there’s a concerted push to unify Australian biking in a way it’s by no means been before.
To start with dubbed “One Cycling” and now referred to as “AusCycling”, the challenge seeks to dissolve biking Australia, Mountain Bike Australia, and BMX Australia, so too the state organizations that sit under biking Australia and BMX Australia. Within the region of these 19 corporations would be a unmarried, newly formed countrywide frame that might govern all of biking in Australia.

The goal of the mission? To consolidate and professionalise Australian biking, to create a recreation extra attractive to would-be commercial partners, and to make cycling “the biggest participation and Olympic Sport in Australia”.

At gift, there’s substantial assist for unifying the cycling codes, for bringing the game together. The idea of dissolving kingdom establishments, however, is proving extensively more contentious.

So what is AusCycling all approximately? Is it clearly a cycling Australia-led cash clutch, as some suspect? Why is there so much resistance to restructuring the game? And is the project even probable to move ahead?

A Big assignment
To mention that the AusCycling task is complex and worried would be to undersell the significance completely. At its core, it entails amalgamating 16 kingdom and territory our bodies plus 3 national sporting our bodies, all of which have their own history, their personal strengths and weaknesses, plus their very own view of ways the sport should be ruled. Each discipline of the sport, too, has its own precise customs, lifestyle, and community. It’s a ways from easy to carry all of these disparate factors together in a cohesive way.

While AusCycling remains months from coming to fruition — if indeed it does — it’s taken a long term to get as a long way because it has. CyclingTips became instructed of a memorandum of knowledge signed among disciplines as far lower back as 2004, looking for to unify cycling codes in Australia.

In December 2016, although, matters started to exchange. As MTBA CEO Shane Coppin instructed CyclingTips, it became at that point that MTBA and BMXA approached recreation Australia — the organisation responsible for guiding and funding an awful lot of Australian sport — disgruntled approximately the nation of play in Australian biking.

“In no way did we experience that we could definitely access full-size investment and significant voice or really do the matters that we desired to do inside our establishments,” Coppin stated. “I assume all of us felt we had been probably in a chunk of war with every other at one of a kind factors … However I think it was extra that we simply felt like in preference to running collectively … We just weren’t capitalised on the ability of small firms being one. I supposed that was pondered in how Sport Australia in essence sincerely handled mountain motorcycles.”

Cycling advocacy

AusCycling hopes to end up an advocacy body for Australian cycling, now not just a racing administrator. There’s a preference to get greater human beings on motorcycles, to get greater children riding to school, to sell cycling as an interest and a manner of existence, no longer just a sport.

“We need to be more lively in bike-ed and getting extra children on bikes and that is wherein it’s in reality bonkers to be divided among the disciplines,” said Drake. “What number of youngsters get onto a street motorcycle first? None. They get on a BMX or they get on a little mountain bike and stale they go and feature a laugh and that’s what they need to be doing.

“Our process as a unified cycling employer initially need to be to get extra people on motorcycles greater frequently. And the racing element will appearance after itself.”

Part of that advocacy role might be approximately cycling infrastructure, lobbying governments to ensure cyclists have secure locations to ride anywhere they’ll be.

“Virtually on the road and track side we haven’t completed a tremendous process in phrases of infrastructure advocacy,” Drake said. “Examine us to cricket: Cricket Australia has like a dozen people who are basically full-time political lobbyists who pass around and problem politicians at neighborhood, state and federal stage, for facilities to enable human beings to play cricket. Whether that’s every other ground or some lighting or female trade centers or some thing.

10 effective calorie burning tips by walking

When it comes to weight loss, we only think about rigorous technical exercises. But have you ever wondered how to make these exercises interesting and interesting? You can lose weight just by walking – a simple form of training from the beginning of our human species. What do you think? The following tips will help you burn calories efficiently without much practice techniques.

Step 15,000 steps every day
Step 15,000 steps every day sounds difficult to implement. But when you are determined, nothing is impossible. If only walking is probably very tedious. During the walk, you can listen to music. Even increasing the intensity of exercise every day does not hurt the muscles.

Walk 3 times a day
Just like the meals of the day. One day should walk three times, about 20 minutes each time. Instead of walking for long distances in 45 minutes, you should divide 3 times after three main meals. This helps our body control blood sugar.

It should be noted that when climbing up a slope we often feel exhausted and have a faster heart rate. Because climbing the muscles will work more, enhance metabolism. When walking, the position is slightly forward and slowed down to avoid unnecessary stress and fatigue on the muscles. Go on slowly, keep your pace moderate. Then you speed up as well as increase the slope to get the best effect.

Drink tea before walking
Increasing the metabolism, the more fat burning is effective. Drinking green tea makes fat burning faster because green tea promotes fast fat release by promoting heat generation and fat oxidation.

Change speed and spend a break
None of us like monotony, so is our body. Therefore, maintaining a walking speed is not recommended. Every day, we should change the speed. Studies have shown that changing speeds when walking will make calories burn 20% more efficient than maintaining speed. Also, while walking, there should be about 1 minute of rest to help burn more calories.

Body weight exercises
Nothing suspicious, walking is really a great exercise for the body, so it’s great if you often walk and accompany body weight exercises. This practice is very simple. With 15-20 times weightlifting, sniffing, good body exercises for chest area these exercises enhance heart rate. It can be seen that these exercises are useful daily exercises for health.

Avoid sugary drinks
Do you think of sugary drinks like the Gatorade good for everyday activities. It is so awful. Because sugary drinks provide quite a lot of calories for the body during low intensity exercise.

Walk wherever possible
You should combine walking activities with other jobs wherever possible. You should design parking lots far from the door to be able to walk a segment. At the same time, instead of taking the elevator, choose to walk, instead of traveling by car, you can take short walks if possible. By doing this, you will own a dream-like waist.

Drink enough water
According to one study, drinking plenty of water will make weight loss more effective. In fact, on an average of 1.5 liters of water per day, you can consume 17 400 calories per year.

Create a list of funny tracks
Music is a way to help our minds relax. Music changes the mood completely, so that the mood can revive. It can be said that music is our companion in the exercises when walking. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t create your own list of lively, playful songs, and bring them to practice. Funny songs that help us blend in with each step are fun and energetic.

Does this surprise you? But the headset helps you shorten the long distance when walking every day. So now, every time you walk, remember to bring headphones with fun songs that you love to walk for a short or long time.

3 effective weight loss without fasting or overtraining

Effective and safe weight loss is always a way to lose weight that people aim to not only have a slim body but also a healthy body.

Join us to learn 3 ways to lose weight without going to the gym or crazy diet!

  1. Exercise regular and deep breathing
    The main rule of exercising that breath is that you should breathe in and out with your abdomen, not your chest, as we often do. The ant waistline, abdominal muscles are firm, healthy – everything is possible if you fully follow the steps of the breathing exercise.

Specifically, this method requires you to inhale for 3 seconds and then exhale vigorously for the next 7 seconds. For each exercise requires a different posture, in accordance with the purpose and needs of the practitioner. Experts also confirmed that if you apply this weight loss from 2 to 5 minutes a day, you will quickly get the desired results.

2. Taking shower in cold and warm water respectively
This method is quite simple and often comes with other uses. Bathing with warm water and cold water in turn not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you avoid some diseases such as arrhythmia, obesity, tonic disorder, high blood pressure or the swelling of subcutaneous fat tissue.

Contrast shower is exactly the following:

  1. After showering with soap with cool water, gradually switch to hot water, and keep for 3 minutes.
  2. After 3 minutes, gradually switch to cold water, and keep for 1 minute.
  3. Repeat this process 3-5 times.
  4. Finally, finish the process with cold water to constrict the blood vessels, helping to prevent the risk of vasodilation.

However, this way of losing weight is contraindicated in the following cases: epilepsy patients, pregnant, people with venous problems and veins. In addition, in cases of kidney disease or in case of consumption, stimulants are not recommended to use contrast shower.
3. Massage
The best way to lose weight by massage is to massage water, honey, and use your hands to massage on the skin. This method helps the body reduce excess fat, improve blood circulation in the abdomen and help the intestines to move well. You can do the massage method at home or go to specialized centers in turn periodically.

With 3 ways to lose weight both safe and effective, you can own a beautiful body if you are persistent enough.

How to build & maintain sharp beautiful abdominal muscles?

Creating beautiful abdominal muscles is a desire for every beard to desire. Creation was hard but maintaining it was another story that needed more effort. In addition to exercise methods, nutrition is of course a key factor!

A beautiful 6-pack belly muscle is the result for a long time of effort with many difficulties. However, it is not simply a matter of training to get them, while maintaining the abdominal muscles becomes sharp and V is also a long way of training and eating without ending.

Understanding the difficulties of the boys, we give you the bodybuilding and diet lessons to help you in the process of owning the perfect V-cut abdominal muscles more quickly. If someone tells you that no “shortcut” exists, show them the following article.

  1. Rich protein diet
    Protein is a very important nutrient in building muscle mass in the body, and muscle burns more calories than body fat, even when you’re resting. The best source of food for anyone who wants to own a beautiful belly is chicken (skinless), turkey, fish and lean meat
    For protein supplements, they will not support too much if there is no body movement from the body. But studies of graduate students posted on Sport Medicine show that with increasing time, frequency and volume of exercise, they will support accelerating muscle growth very quickly.
  2. Increase the number of abdominal muscle exercises
    Adding intensive exercises focused on the abdominal muscles will help the center to be strong, from which abdominal muscles will be sharpened more clearly. One of the most effective exercises in creating beautiful abdominal muscles is the suspension of 90 degrees.
  3. Limit the consumption of sweets
    You probably already know about this, so we don’t need to explain too much. Cookies, pastries, sweets or soft drinks containing refined sugar can cause blood sugar to spike, Connecticut dietitian and fitness trainer Sarajean Shakti Rudman said. They will increase the amount of insulin, which will affect the fat accumulation of the liver.
  4. Using complex mechanical exercises (compound exercises)
    Not only does it help to develop the buttocks and thighs, exercises that use many muscle groups like Deadlift can also help strengthen and develop the central muscle, thereby helping the boys own a muscle. Beautiful belly, sharp and healthy.
  5. Eggs – golden food for beautiful abdominal muscles
    An egg that contains protein to strengthen the body’s muscles up to 6 grams with amino acids helps stimulate the regeneration of muscle tissue. In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, the weight loss process of people who ate eggs for breakfast – as part of a calorie and fat control plan – was increased to strength up to 65 percent; body fat also decreased by 16 percent after just 8 weeks.

The first female racer wins the 4,000km bicycle race across Europe

Dubbed the “rock star” of last year’s race winner James Hayden, Kolbinger left the rest of the field when she reached the finish point in Brest, northern France, at the end of Sunday. .

In a field of 264 bicyclists, most of them male, Kolbinger emerged from the stage on Sunday with a lead of nearly six hours compared to the nearest challenger, Ben Davies from England.

“For years, we have been waiting, knowing that is possible,” Hayden tweeted.
The race, which began in Bulgaria on July 27, stretches across Serbia, Austria, Italy and France, with Kolbinger expected to complete the route by the end of Monday or early Tuesday.
Fiona Kolbinger surpassed more than 200 male colleagues, most on the Transcontinental Race road bike race on August 6.

“It is unbelievable that I have won this difficult race,” Kolbinger said after finishing the goal with 10 days, 2 hours and 48 minutes. “When I entered the race, I was just trying to be in the top of the female riders, but I never thought I would overcome the men here.”

The German race won 265 opponents, including 245 male riders, in a 4,000-kilometer road race, across five European countries. The delegation originated from Burgas, Bulgaria and ended in Northwestern France. As a rule, riders can choose their own route but must go through four mandatory checkpoints. They are not allowed to ask for directions, do not have technical support and have to take care of their own food and water.

There are some hilly and mountainous areas with rugged terrain that require the crabs to pass through and have the supervision of the organizers. “I went through a great challenge. Now I can practice less sleep habits every day,” Kolbinger added. The 24-year-old champion is expected to attend many road bike races in the future.

The European Intercontinental Racing Competition was launched in 2013 with the first leg from London to Istanbul. The past six champions were all male, in which Kristof Allegaert was the third most successful, while James Hayden had two wins. Besides the title for the champion of the race, the organizers also awarded prizes to excellent female riders.

UFC Jon Bones Jones was charged with battery by incident

MMA fighter Jon “Bones” Jones has been charged with battery, according to a criminal summons filed in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court in New Mexico.

The alleged incident happened in April whilst a cocktail waitress at a strip membership said Jones slapped her in her genital vicinity and put her in a chokehold, in step with the summons.
The megastar fighter says he failed to recognise approximately the fees until Sunday while a neighborhood information station contacted him, in line with Jones’ consultant Denise White.
Court docket statistics display a criminal criticism changed into filed on might also 23 and Albuquerque police sent a letter to Jones, but it was back in June. A failure to appear arrest warrant become issued for Jones on June 12 and a coins bond became posted on Sunday and the warrant became lifted.
“We are assured that Jon may be cleared from any and all expenses and this will be visible for what is, a baseless claim,” White said.
‘l simply do not need to cope with this man or woman’ in keeping with the summons, the waitress informed an officer she turned into serving Jones and his brother on April 19.
She stated Jones was being continual approximately her giving him a desk dance, but she advised him cocktail waitresses weren’t capable of deliver dances.

The woman stated Jones in the end pulled her onto his lap and started kissing her neck, in keeping with the summons.
At this factor, the summons says the girl “did no longer understand if Jon Jones became committing a crime by using kissing on her neck and did no longer understand what to do.”
The summons says later that night the female stated Jones changed into looking forward to some liquids and placed her in a chokehold. The summons is going on to mention Jones commenced “roughhousing” with the lady and picked her up, conserving her in the air.
The summons said the lady “did no longer realize how to sense, however felt it turned into like a wrestling suit and not anything sexual. “The lady told the officer she did no longer like that she became held in the air for a long term.
The lady informed the officer Jones located her down by way of the bar and slapped her inside the genital location and persisted to the touch her till he left the strip club.
Within the summons, the officer wrote that the female became frantic in telling the story.
“l simply do not need to cope with this character,” she stated. “The entire situation is so complex and i’m no longer certainly certain what to say and this individual receives away with the entirety.”

Novak Djokovic was crowned at Wimbledon 2019

On July 14, Tennis fans were satisfied with the 4-hour 57-minute mark between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final 2019.

The final match that weighed in on Wimbledon’s history with a time of 4 hours 57 minutes between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer was officially conquered with a superstar victory from Serbia. Djokovic has shown his agility and acumen as well as his competitive spirit in the Tie-Breaks series, which makes Tennis fans extremely satisfied.

Djokovic’s opponent, Roger Federer, is no less competitive with the chasing score for nearly 5 hours, both of them have a lot of chances to win with 7-6, 1-6 respectively. , 7-6, 4-6 and 13-12. But Novak Djokovic did a better job of leading the score with a 3-2 score in the match, convincing and winning the 16th Grand Slam trophy.

Immediately after the match, Novak Djokovic shared: “This is probably the most brainstorming game I have ever participated in, before I had a most physically losing match with Nadal in the final of the Australian Open tournament. It took nearly 6 hours. But today’s match is probably the match that gives me the most mental pressure and it’s on a different level. This final match was one of the matches I used many hind legs to hold the most. I always had to be in defensive position during the match, Federer, he was completely in the initiative. I tried my best to fight and be flexible to find goals. All three tie-breaks to win are very important, this can be considered my best match. ”

He added, “The most difficult moment will help you become strong, re-acknowledge yourself and also be an opportunity to better understand yourself.”

At the age of 32, Nokvak Djokovic excelled in winning five Wimbledon trophies in his career. If you look back at Novak’s entire career, perhaps 2011 was the most important milestone in Novak Djokovic’s career when he won the Wimbledon for the first time that same year and he won many great achievements and rise to number one in the world.

Novak Djokovic also has a massive fortune in owning 16 Grand Slam awards including: 7 Australian Open, 1 Roland-Garros (Open Solution), 5 Wimbledon and 3 US Open.

Roger Federer confronted Nadal at the Wimbledon semi-final

For the first time since 2008, two players will meet on the pitch at the third Grand Slam in the year after all have won victories in the quarterfinals.

On July 10, Roger Federer had a Wimbledon quarterfinal match with Kei Nishikori. The quick play style of the Swiss player has met with resilient resistance from Japanese “Samurai”.

Unexpectedly came in the first game of the match when Federer lost the break quite easily. The 37-year-old struggles to keep the next delivery games. Nishikori plays hard and wins 6-4 in the first set.

Taking the bitter fruit in the first set, Federer competed more aggressively in the later set. His play on the net started to work. “Express train” wins the 6-1 gap in set 2. In the next 2 sets, Nishikori is not easy to surrender, causing many difficulties for Federer. However, the player who possesses 20 Grand Slam titles has shown the skill and experience to win with the score 6-4.

Winning against the front of Nishikori, Roger Federer for the 13th time reached the Wimbledon semi-finals and won the 100-match winner. He became the first player in history to win 100 matches in a Grand Slam tournament. Legendary Jimmy Connors ranked No. 2 when there were 98 wins at the US Open.

Federer’s opponent at the semi-final is none other than Rafael Nadal. No. 3 seed had a 3-0 victory (7-5, 6-2 and 6-2) in front of a nearly 2m tall American tennis player Sam Querrey. Although let the opponent launch to 22 serve the ball to score directly, Nadal still knows how to exploit weaknesses to get an advantage.

The Spanish player took advantage of Querrey’s 2 serve to counter-attack, scoring a score of 78%. Passing Querrey and Nadal for the seventh time into the Wimbledon semi-final, he also helped him become the first player to score at the ATP Finals – the tournament for eight outstanding male players of the year.

Nadal and Federer will have their 40th match against each other in their careers and the fourth in Wimbledon. Federer won two finals in 2006 and 2007, before losing to Nadal in the 2008 final – one of the matches going into the history of world tennis. Nadal is leading Federer 24-15 after 39 meetings, and he won the last match at the French semi-finals over a month ago.

Brazil beats Argentina into the Copa America final

Brazil with its counter-defensive defensive play style defeated Argentina 2-0 to enroll in the first Copa America final after 12 years of waiting.
The South American super classic match was intense from the first minute. Argentina proactively made solid ball shots in the midfield to prevent technical strikers from the Brazilian host side.

This play cannot compensate for the looseness of Albicelestes’ defense. 20 minutes, Dani Alves has a tricky phase for Firmino to escape down the right wing. The Liverpool forward striker stretched for Gabriel Jesus to finish the near-goal and put Brazil ahead.

After opening the score, Brazil actively gave way to the opponent. Argentina held many balls but could not coordinate and could only rely on fixed situations. 30 minutes, Aguero headed high after Messi’s pass but the ball went back to the bar with regret.

The remaining minutes the two teams played quite balanced. The main ball rolled in the middle of the field and no noticeable situations were created. Brazil entered the break with a 1-goal advantage.

Argentina was forced to push up the attacking squad in the second half. The majority of Brazilian players successfully completed the task of isolating the striker Aguero, Lautaro Martinez with the midfield. Fixed situations become the lifeline for Messi and his teammates.

58 minutes, Messi had a chance to equalize but his shot sent the ball to hit the column in the regret of the fans. Brazil plays proactive defense and needs only a counter-attack to finish off the opponent.

In the 70th minute, Gabriel Jesus went straight to the middle to pass 3 Argentine players before stretching for Firmino to neatly double the gap for Brazil.

In the last 20 minutes of the match, Messi and his teammates expressed embarrassment. Argentina tried to make the ball hanging from two margins but was ineffective.

The match ended with a convincing victory for the host. Messi will have to wait another year to hope for the first major title when the Copa America 2020 will be held in Argentina.