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Rents out well maintained bicycles of different brands and sizes. Founded by Ravi-Ranjan of TFN fame, Velo in village also rents out other cycling items and also plan cycling trips for a small group of friends/family. Visit for more information.
Ph: 9449810297
Whoever said geeks were boring think again! Here’s one geek who not just enjoys programming on 3D graphics but is also extremely passionate about cycling, adventure, travel, music and what not! Never short of an interesting anecdote, Shree Kumar‘s blogography is a must read!
There are cycling enthusiasts, and then, there are cycling enthusiasts! Bums On The Saddle is a bunch passionate folks who love cycling and are trying to make a difference in the way cycling is experienced in India.
Decathlon is a unique, one of its kind, sports-only shopping experience. Decathlon is a must visit place if you are a sports enthusiast, and more so, if you are a biking freak. The entire range of BTwin bikes, spares and the complete range of biking accessories are enough to make your shopping experience unforgettable! And yes, the ever-smiling and always-ready-to-help team of volunteers are a delight to interact with.
A friendly neighborhood cycling forum where blokes hangout to discuss the passion and delights of all types of cycling or bike riding. Bikes Zone is a hub for planning rides, seeking advice, putting up trip reports, snaps.
There are those who treat the bicycle as a mode of transport. And then there are those who take to the road, the track, the trail. Powered only by muscle and the joy of getting out there.

For the true enthusiast, there’s only one place to be other than on the saddle - Track and Trail. Because it’s not just a place for the world’s finest cycles. It’s where you’ll find people who really understand bicycles – the finer points of technology, the tweaks of performance, and the sheer camaraderie of the road.
A non profit advocacy, The Ride A Cycle Foundation aims at promoting sustainable transport, responsible travel and environmentally and socially responsible bicycling opportunities. One day it hopes to design fundraisers through cycling for a variety of charities.